We are delighted to be showcasing variable sticky note pads as our champion product for March 2012. We came across this completely flexible promotional product a number of months ago and have been planning a mini campaign ever since.

Sticky note pads are one of the most popular branded items. This is a low cost item, with a great print area that can be printed up to full colour process. It acts as a constant reminder to anyone (who comes into contact with the pad or sheets) of your brand or campaign until the pad runs out.

Variable sticky note pads take the brand message to a different level altogether. This is a completely flexible product with unlimited creativity. There are some key features of this product that are worth going into in more detail:

  • Moving animation. You or your designer can create a moving animation (which works by “flicking the sheets of the pad at speed”) throughout your pad. This could be your product in action or a message bouncing across the screen. The only limitation is your imagination!
  • Every sheet can show a different message. Usually printers are restricted in this area. Not with the variable sticky note pads. You could print a different product, offer, money off voucher or message about your business. With 50 sheets per pad, this can be a powerful little product!
  • Full personalisation. This is again a great selling point for the variable sticky note pads. You could simply create a set of pads based around members of your sales team and send those out to your clients or why not consider using your client data and creating a pad for every single client and sending it to them. Again, be creative!
  • The variable sticky note pads have great colour reproduction and the full colour process printing comes out exceptionally well. There is also no ink lifting in the “glue track”, a common product with some printers.


Other details to consider incorporating into your pad would be a print to the backing sheet (e.g. as a reminder of who to call to get another pad for example) and you can also print your brand to the back of the backing sheet (which is often used simply as the space for the paper producers own branding).

As mentioned above, the variable sticky note pad can do anything you and your brand want it to do. The sales team at Steel City Marketing are always on hand to give ideas or advice at making this a stand out promotional item for your business.