We pride ourselves on delivering a seamless, transparent client journey, from first contact right through to delivery of our branded merchandise. To ensure this is happening, we ask our clients to rate the level of service they experience every time they complete an order with us.

They tell us if they were completely happy, it was a good performance, there were some issues or there were major issues. You can see in real time how our clients are rating us on this webpage.


Completely Happy


7% Good Performance


0.8% Some Issues


0.4% Major Issues

We constantly monitor our feedback to make sure we’re delivering an exceptional service. If a client is unhappy, we will do our best to understand why, resolve any issues and learn from the experience.

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Our Referral Scheme


If you have been happy with your experience with Steel City, and would like to refer us to someone who could also benefit from our services, we would be very grateful.

All you have to do is ask them to mention your name and company when they speak to us. If they go on to place an order, we will get in touch with you to organise sending you a thank you gift!