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In the modern office and work-from-home environment, branded mouse mats will be in front of your customer for the majority of their working week, providing exceptional brand exposure that not many other products can match.

In this post, we’ll highlight why we love promotional mouse mats, and our top selection of products for you to browse.

About Us: Steel City Marketing is a branded merchandise supplier based in the UK, offering a wide range of promotional gadgets including mouse mats. We’re a 25-year member of the BPMA, and offer a personalised service with a dedicated account manager. Learn more about us here.

Why invest in custom-printed mouse mats?

If your target market uses computers (and most will) then they will likely need a mouse mat. They’re also an item that’s often forgotten about, which makes them prone to becoming worn out and tired, so offering a free replacement can be very appealing.

Another pro to mouse mats is their durability. Unlike other standard desktop accessories, the branded promotional mouse mat is long-lasting. While many other everyday desktop items are fragile, the mat is made to last for years. A mouse mat that boasts your logo is light, compact, resistant to wear and tear, and nearly unbreakable, unlike glasses, mugs, picture frames and trinkets. A promotional, durable mouse mat ensures people will see your company name for a long time.

Best Printed Mouse Mats

Here are our top picks for printed mouse mats (or you can browse the full range here):

Best Selling Branded Mouse Mat

brite mat rectangular mouse mat

Winner: Brite-Mat Rectangular Mouse Mat


  • Brite-Mat rectangular mouse mat
  • Bestselling hard top mouse mat in the UK
  • 100% perfect mouse control due to our patented in-mould labelling technique.
  • Manufactured using 100% in-house recycled plastics
  • Priced: Printed full colour on 1 side
  • Dimensions and print area: 240 x 190mm

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Best Anti-Bacterial Branded Mouse Mat

Promotional Antibug Hardtop Mouse Mat

Winner: AntiBug® HardTop Mat


  • HardTop mouse mats treated with patent protected, fully certified AntiBug® treatment to keep germs at bay.
  • The specialist surface starts to fight germs as soon as they come into contact.
  • Clinically proven to kill 99.9% of harmful bacteria such as MRSA, E.coli and salmonella.
  • A selection of standard shapes are available.
  • Large print area for branding and promotional messages.
  • Everlasting under-surface print combined with a non slip foam base provides exceptional value for money.

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Best Non-Slip Branded Mouse Mat

hardtop mouse mat

Winner: HardTop Mouse Mat


  • HardTop mousemat
  • Europe’s best-selling mousemat
  • Everlasting under-surface print
  • Non-slip EVA foam base
  • Available in a range of standard shapes
  • Priced: Printed full colour
  • Dimensions and Print Area: 235 x 200mm maximum depending on the shape

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Best Hybrid Promotional Mouse Mat

Anti Slip Lens Cleaning Cloth Mousemat

Winner: Anti Slip Lens Cleaning Cloth Mousemat


  • Anti-slip lens cleaning cloth
  • Can be used as a screen cloth and a mouse mat
  • Microfibre cloth with anti-slip silicone base
  • Priced: Printed full colour on 1 side
  • Dimensions and print area: 235 x 200mm

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Mouse Mats Are a Less Obvious (but powerful) Giveaway Choice

Big names typically have many promotional products ranging from bags and clothes to biros and keychains. Still, you may occasionally need to get inventive with branded products you provide. And you’ll also want people to be excited, so think about items they don’t expect.

Consider branded mouse pads if you’re stumped for what branded things to incorporate into your strategy. They are cost-effective and appealing to many people. The days when every other home had a computer are long gone. Everyone has at least one these days. In other words, mouse mats sell. Consider how much time people spend on their computers on a daily basis, and you’ll quickly see why mouse pads make great promotional gifts.

Extensive Printing Options

We offer you various printing options on our mouse mats, including anything from conventional screen printing to the most state-of-the-art high-quality print technology. It allows us to print full-colour photos and logos to an exceptionally high calibre standard! We work closely with the best promotional product manufacturers in the industry with in-house design experts, available to help you make the best decisions when it comes to your artwork. We’ll make sure your logo and message are replicated to the finest possible quality. You can rest assured your company’s image will be represented professionally.

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Customise Your Mouse Pad

Promotional mouse pads are ideal giveaways at corporate events. After all, every workplace requires a large quantity of them. They can therefore reach a considerably large prospective audience. You can get creative with mouse mats too. They have a large branding area and can host all sorts of marketing messages and even a calendar to make them even more useful.

Universities and schools, for instance, are typical breeding grounds for promotional items bearing your logo. Mouse mats will blend in nicely, as almost every student has a computer or laptop; you have to have one to study. Therefore, your logo might be seen on the desks of the entire student population, so why not use that to your advantage?


Printed mouse mats are promotional items that people will keep on their desks, passively drumming up business for you on a daily basis. Custom mouse mats are ideal presents for colleges, universities, schools, offices, and companies using computers and mice. To fit any budget, mouse mats with your business logo come in various sizes and forms. Thanks to full-colour printing, they’re the perfect promotional tool for any industry.

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