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Promotional stress balls and stress toys are a popular and low cost branded corporate giveaway.

Perfect for a variety of business environments, promotional stress products will relieve tension and are a great marketing tool to promote healthy mental well-being.

By offering your customers a stress ball or toy with your printed logo, you will not only alleviate anxiety and improve concentration, but you will also be creating a positive association with your brand!

Our stress toys come in a massive range of shapes, sizes and shades and can be printed in full colour for maximum impact. From the traditional stress balls to vehicles, houses, hats, hearts and even custom, bespoke stress items.

If you have something in particular in mind, get in touch with our team of promotional experts.

Types of Custom Stress Balls

Stress Balls

Branded stress balls are the ideal budget promotional product that are great for relieving tension. Recommended by various health and fitness organisations, they are proven to have therapeutic benefits including improving blood circulation. Our Polyurethane promo stress balls printed with your logo, are a cheap and fun way to advertise your company. Being a useful and handy pocket-sized branded gift, stress balls are used frequently and so your brand is bound to be remembered in a positive light! Stress balls can also be linked to sporting events such as football, rugby or tennis tournaments. We are able to offer you football, tennis and rugby stress ball designs for these occasions. You can choose from a single colour print up to a full-colour digital print. We can also offer express delivery on certain stress balls.

Eco Stress Balls

If being eco-conscious is important to your company and you want to advertise your eco credentials, then we can offer you eco stress balls. Bio-based stress balls are made in part from castor oil. They can be printed with your logo with a full-colour print. Ideal to both promote awareness of mental health and sustainability.

Stress Toys

As well as branded stress balls, there is a huge range of other novelty stress toys available for you. We have stress vehicles like trucks and cars, houses, hearts, animals and even stress people and brains! If you are looking for something more unique, we can also offer bespoke shapes and characters to suit your marketing, be it your logo, a mascot or even a new product you are launching. All you have to do is call one of our team and we can talk you through which stress toys could be suitable for you. They can also be a great tool for meditation.

Best Stress Balls

Here are the more popular promotional products in the stress ball category:

  • The Best Budget Promotional Stress Ball/Toy: ‘Round Stress Ball’ – starting at just 74p per unit with a one colour print, this round stress ball is the ideal low cost branded stress item. It is available in a wide range of base colours and can be delivered in 5 days from artwork approval.
  • Our Best Selling Promotional Stress Ball/Toy: ‘Football Stress Ball’ – Ideal to tie in with any marketing you do to go alongside major football events, either as a gift, a giveaway or a prize in a sweepstake.
  • Our Favourite Eco-friendly Promotional Stress Ball/Toy: ‘Eco Stress Ball’ – You can’t go wrong with a stress ball, and if it is eco-friendly, you are on to a winner. This bio stress ball is made in part from castor oil and can be supplied 5 days from artwork approval.
  • The Most Unusual Promotional Stress Ball/Toy: ‘Stress Bulb’ – You name it, we can probably supply you a stress toy version of it! If you are in the creative or marketing industry, a bulb stress toy could be the perfect illustration of your services of generating unique ideas and solutions!
  • Best Express Delivery Promotional Stress Ball/Toy: ‘Full Colour Stress Ball’ – available with a 1-day delivery service, if you need your stress ball in a hurry, this is the one for you! We can also do our eco full-colour version on a 1 day express delivery service too.

We also have lots of other branded stationery, including branded pens, pencils, highlighters, and folders.


Q: Why should I use stress balls for my marketing campaign?

A: If you are wanting a low-cost business gift that will get used time and time again, then a stress ball is well worth considering. A classic, popular branded item, stress balls will not only promote your company but help to alleviate stress, anxiety and improve concentration.

There is a huge selection of stress balls and toys to choose from, whether you select a standard shape or opt for a bespoke stress product to reflect your logo/icon or marketing campaign. We can provide you with an express service if you are in a hurry and offer stress balls and toys in a variety of shades and sizes.

Q: Where can I use stress balls?

A:  Being small, light and portable, branded stress balls and toys make the ideal branded giveaway at events, tradeshows and exhibitions. Printed with your logo and CTA, you will ensure that any potential clients have your details at hand.

Promotional stress products would also make a welcome addition to any wellness packs or promotions to encourage better mental and physical health. Whether that be in your own office or workplace or in clients.

You can also tie branded stress toys in with sporting events you may be associating your marketing with. As a gift, a prize or giveaway. From football, rugby, tennis and more, there are so many ideas we could spark with you.

Q: I can’t see the shape I am looking for. Can you make a bespoke one?

A: Yes. We have only a selection of branded stress balls and toys on our website and are able to source a much larger range of stress items to you. We can even design and produce a bespoke shape to suit your logo, icon or marketing campaign.

 Q: Can you print stress items in full colour? 

A: Yes. Most of our stress items can be supplied with a full-colour print to really showcase your branding and call to action.

 Q: I have a cheaper quote for stress balls. Can you price match or beat it? 

A: We always strive to match or beat any competitor quotes. Just send your alternative quote to us and providing the quote is with a comparable product, we can look to match or better it.

Q: Is there a minimum amount of stress balls/toys that I have to order?

A: Yes we do have minimum order quantities on our promotional stress products. You can see the MOQ on the price tab on each product page listing. The minimum amount will be listed first.

Q: Do the prices quoted on your website include set up and delivery charges?

A: Our product prices shown do not include set up or delivery charges. The prices shown are for a one colour print in one position/ item. To receive this information, just click on express quote on the product page and we will quickly respond to you with a full itemised quote.

Q: How fast can you deliver stress balls/toys? 

A: If you are in a rush for your promo stress items, we have a number of options that can be delivered on an express service. We offer a 1 day, 3 day and 5 day express delivery service and most of our stress products take just 5 days production time from artwork approval. Simply click on the ‘express delivery’ icons under ‘Features’ on the left-hand side filter menu to see options. Alternatively, contact the team directly as there may be other ideas we can offer you that may not be listed on the website. Call us on 0114 275 4150, email [email protected] or use our contact us form.


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