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We offer one of the UK’s largest collections of promotional pens for your business marketing needs. Pens are low-cost, but still among the most popular and most used promotional items. Your clients and potential clients will see your company’s name again and again as they use the pen, and when the time comes to do some business, they will have your information literally in hand.

Our range of pens ensures that you can choose the right product to represent your business or initiative. We have plastic pens, metal pens and pen sets, eco-friendly versions and highlighters – even stylus pens and other products.

Steel City Marketing offers a personal service, free visuals, and a dedicated account manager. We’re a 25 year BPMA member, and have an excellent long-standing reputation. Contact us today.

Printed Pens with Your Company Logo

There is a reason that pens are among the oldest promotional items, and yet are still among the most popular. Few items are as useful, or as commonly carried on the person after receiving them. Few people will throw a pen in the garbage, and few will see a pen with a logo and not take at least a cursory glance at it. It also sticks in the memory well. A business card is easily lost or buried under paperwork, but a good pen is kept in a pocket or a pen cup, perhaps a drawer – but always on hand, nearby for use.

Despite the steady popularity and efficacy, our promotional pens are anything but single note. We have recycled pens, chic pens, elegant pens and even quirky novelty pens. We have budget-friendly options, all the way to world-renowned brand names like Cross, Parker, Senator, Autograph and Waterman, that will have your prestigious clients raising appreciative eyebrows when you hand the shiny little thing over with a smile.

Whatever your need is, we have a pen that suits it, and we have options for express 1 day, 3 day, and 5 day delivery.

Use Branded Pens To Improve Brand Awareness

Our logo-printed pens come in a wide range of colours and styles, ensuring that we can pair the right pen with your logo to show both off to the greatest effect.

These pens aren’t just a ‘pretty face,’ either. Our pens are high-quality, practical tools that earn their place in that pocket or drawer because they are reliable and feel great in the hand.

On slide 10 of the BPMA research in 2017, you can see pens copping the charts as the most common promotional product desk item in UK offices, giving it a high chance of having a lasting impact. This makes them a great addon to your advertising campaign, where custom pens can be used as gifts for potential customers, giveaways are corporate events or conferences, or gifts for existing clients.

Having logo pens as your main company pens used by staff also gives a branded touch to day to day work, and we also have an extensive range of branded pencils too.

Budget Logo Pens

The classic ballpoint pen is our best selling option. These small, lightweight promotional pens are easy to carry, reliable, and most logos look really great on them. A promotional pen is one of the most cost-effective ways to display your logo in a wide variety of places, and it is one of the few promotional items that people are as pleased to keep using as they were to receive it.

The ASI ad impressions study 2019 found that 89% of U.S. consumers owned a logo pen.

One of the reasons promotional pens are so popular among businesses, is that a promotional pen marketing effort is available for almost any budget or need. All of our pens are high-quality, reliable items, but our ranges include low-cost designs for wide-reaching campaigns, mid-range options, and high-end pens for those special clients – or future clients.

For something different, low-cost, and worthy of a smile from the receiver and giver alike, consider one of our novelty pens. Logo printed banner pens have a roll-out mechanism that gives you huge real estate on an otherwise small-sized item. Floating pens are popular too, for the souvenir industry, but also for water-related business: drinking water, boating, recreation, water sports, etc.

If you want more than a logo on a generic pen, consider an item that looks like it rolled out of the factory with you in mind all along: A Pantone-matched pen with your exact corporate colours. Add your logo to that, and the quality-metre goes through the roof. It just feels like a higher-end item.

Business Pens Are Practical

Not all pens are just pens, either. Consider optimising the usefulness of a promotional pen by adding more functionality to it, making it even more useful to the recipient.  We have pens that can write in multiple ink colours, stylus pens that can write on touch screens, pens with integrated banners, screen cleaners, and even the classic penlight (and more).

These items spread the word about your business in a way that is easy on the environment during manufacture, have a long useful life, and with multiple functions, more use during that time as well. We even have specifically eco-friendly pens. All of this is in line with good ecological practices. On top of all of this functionality, your logo sits, proud and clear, for the moment your future customer needs something your company has on offer.

Corporate Pens for Any Budget

If you are looking to raise the prestige of your company, or to give a gift to a special client or potential client, consider a more expensive promotional pen by a world-renowned pen maker like Parker, Sheaffer, or Franklin Convey, perhaps with an engraved message or logo on the side. If your clientele is more interested in cheap and cheerful service, a low-cost BiC pen – perhaps with your logo in full colour on the side of it – is a great choice.

Sometimes an opportunity comes up with short notice, and when that happens it might seem that there isn’t time to have a good promotional item in place… but there well may be!

We have many items that can be customised and dispatched in as little as 24 hours from artwork approval. This service won’t break the bank either – in many cases it is available without premium prices. If you need a product in a hurry, use the ‘Delivery Time’ filters on the Features section of the left-hand menu to find the products that match your needs and your deadlines.

Pens FAQs

We can embellish your promotional pen with engraving, spot colour, full-colour printing, and a wide choice of barrel or clip colours. Envision what you want, and we can put it together from our wide and varied range of promotional products – rollerball pens, fountain pens, gel pens, boxed sets and more.

Why choose pens as branded merchandise?

Promotional pens are cost-effective, popular with those who receive them, and kept around by the receivers for nine months on average, during which time your logo may be looked around three thousand times - that’s a great return on a small investment!

What can I use personalised pens for?

Among the most popular uses are promotional giveaways; gifts in lieu of business cards at trade shows and other gatherings; for in-house use, perhaps with employees handing one to prospective customers during a chat. Think of every occasion that you might need to use a pen – why not have your logo on that pen your potential customer reaches for in that same situation?

What ink colours do the pens come with?

Most promotional pens write in black ink, but other colours are available (even multiple colours by one pen, for certain models). The ink colour is usually listed in the product description, but if you aren’t sure, or need some assistance, simply contact us and we will help you out.

Do you stock eco-friendly options?

Yes. Our range of eco-friendly pens includes recycled, compostable and recyclable pens. We even have wheat straw pens, pens made from recycled bottles and bamboo pens – which are both eco-friendly and trendy. Filter your search results with ‘Eco-Friendly’ in the menu on the left, or look on the product listings for the green leaf logo, which indicates a specifically eco-friendly product.

Do you sell custom pens?

Yes we do. We offer a wide variety of colours, styles and range level. You can even choose a different barrel or clip colour to complement your logo. The menu includes a colour-picker feature to help you find what you want and to ensure that a particular model is available in a given colour. Alternately, one of our Account Managers would be happy to help you.



David Robinson | Account Manager

Having worked within sales and customer service for over 20 years, David has a wealth of experience when it comes to advising and looking after clients in both a B2C and B2B setting. Fifteen of those years have been spent in the promotional product industry, and so David has vast knowledge base of which branded gifts will be suitable and help our clients brand stand out.

With a keen interest in technology and gadgets, David is passionate about keeping up with the latest promotional product trends. In his spare time, David likes to go fishing, gaming with his son and spending time with his family.

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