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Branded travel mugs are the perfect promotional product, putting your company logo in front of potential customers during their commute, gym session, and day-to-day at the office.

Our range includes extra durable options, reusable mugs, stainless steel flasks, and eco-friendly options like the Bamboo Travel Mug.

Steel City Marketing offer a personal service, with free visuals on all mugs, and a dedicated account manager to help your order go through smoothly. We’re a 25-year BPMA member, with a long history of helping companies like you succeed with promotional products. Contact us today.

Promotional Travel Mugs

We are a nation of drivers, commuters, and busy parents, always on the move, it seems. Perhaps this is why the popularity of promotional travel mugs and travel flasks has been on the sharp rise in recent years. Since so many are taking their tea of coffee with them on these daily trips, why not have them advertise your logo as they do so?

Promotional travel mugs have a great amount of advertising space for their size, and the fact that they are frequently brought up to mouth level, both during conversation and when milling about, means that more people will see your logo than they would if it were merely sitting static somewhere. We guarantee the usability and long shelf-life of our promotional products, so you can be assured that your customers – and untapped market – will be seeing them and becoming more aware of your logo, brand, and the goods or services you offer.

Customised with your logo, your branding will be there on the outside of the mug for every sip. Cup holders and lids are extras that can help avoid unwanted spills, as do our range of thermo mugs. We have dishwasher safe options too, with plenty of colours and materials to choose from.

Add Custom Travel Mugs to Your Merchandise Campaign

The promotional travel mugs we offer are of excellent quality, practical, stylish and intuitive to use. This ensures that those you give them to will want to use them. Those who see them, too, may recognise the quality of the product as they take in your logo printed on the side.

Look through our wide range of coffee cups and travel mugs, consider which ones you would like to use, and then decide if your customers might not like the same one. Choose the colour you want, and imagine your logo printed proudly on the side of it. Choose the right product and this one small purchase could mean an advertising effort that is seen again and again for months to come, perhaps even years! That’s a great value for your money, your time, and even the environment.

Use them as a promotional item among your customers, sure, but why not also bring some into the office? Your employees’ mugs will be branded to the company logo and colours, showing their loyalty and a sense of unity and teamwork that will impress a prospective customer or client.

Branded Coffee Cups

Our range includes a wide variety of branded coffee cups, different styles, designs and logos are on offer. From our ColourCoat Rio Travel Mug to our Columbian Travel Mug, and with many variations in between, we are confident that you will find just what it is you are looking for in an effective promotional item.

Choose one of our best sellers, like the Harvey Travel Mug and have your logo printed clearly on the front of it for maximum visibility of your brand. The cup not only works well, but it looks great too, and that means it will get used – and seen – in a wider range of situations and for a longer time.

Moving Away from Disposable Printed Travel Mugs

Many of us are making – or have already made – the move away from disposable cups, to longer-lasting and more environmentally-friendly reusable cups. This trend seems to be gaining in its pace as more people are taking steps to do less damage to the earth – and to save a little on coffee prices too, as many shops offer discounts to those who bring in their own, reusable containers.

We offer a wide variety of thermal mugs in a range of colours and styles to match your branding. Add to this your logo, in up to four-colour imagery (on suitable mug designs), and you’ll have a great-looking promotional product you can be proud of. Both metal and plastic models are available, and in a range of designs and budgets.

Company Branded Thermal Mugs for Hot or Cold Drinks

Custom mugs last a long time, and look great, so you might be wondering if an insulated mug is only really useful in the colder months, to be left on a shelf through the summer. Rest assured that these mugs remain in use all year long, both for those who want a hot cup of coffee or tea regardless of the ambient temperature or weather, and by those who simply switch out their hot winter beverages for slushy-blended Frappuccinos or iced coffees once the weather heats up.

Custom travel mugs are very socially visible items, year round, and your logo painted on the side means that the money you invested in your promotion will continue returning value to you for many months – perhaps even years.

Eco-Friendly and Reusable Corporate Travel Mugs

Whether you are particularly passionate about eco-friendly options or not, many of your customers and potential customers probably are – so why not add that consideration to your choice of promotional travel mug?

Reusable mugs are eco-friendly to begin with, because they get more than a single use. They also eliminate the production energy and landfill cost of disposable paper and plastic cups. Some of our designs go even further, with more eco-friendly materials, like the Bamboo Travel Mugs (made from bamboo). These and more examples are all available, both to show your commitment to a cleaner world, and to honour that desire in many of your customers.

Browse all eco-friendly merchandise here.

Branded promotional travel mugs are an effective way to get your logo out into the world, to expand your brand presence, and to make a statement about your company’s consideration for the community and the natural world. Most of all, since they are a promotional product, you get great value in an item that will continue to do its job for months or years after the time of purchase.


James Biggin | Managing Director

Taking over the business co-founded by his father back in 2006, James has been the Managing Director of Steel City Marketing for 15 years and been with the company since 2001. With decades of experience in the promotional products industry, James is passionate about just how effective business gifts are at helping brands stand out and engage with their audience.

Overseeing all aspects of the business, James prides himself on our ability to listen to our clients, spark creative branded merchandise ideas, and provide a seamless customer journey. When not working, James can be found either on the squash court or running with his dog Alby in the peaks.

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