Promotional Ice Scrapers

Everyone needs ice scrapers in this chilly climate. Wouldn’t it be cool to see your unique brand printed on all of your customer’s ice scrapers? What a brilliant gift and marketing strategy!

Your customers will see your brand every time they clear their windshield on a frosty morning.

Branded Ice Scrapers for Saving Your Customers in Winter

Your branded ice scraper will be ever-present in your customer’s cars, helping them to get going on those cold wintery days while giving your company an advertising boost. Our promotional ice scrapers are available in several different colours and designs. We even have eco-friendly ice-scrapers! These handy tools are the perfect marketing gift for your customers because they are crucial on frosty days. Your valued clients will be glad they didn’t have to use their credit cards to scrape snow, frost and ice from their car windows!

An ice-scraper is perfect for any company, but they are especially fitting for car companies or garages to give away at the end of transactions. Choose a colour and design that matches with your logo or company brand. There are so many colours to choose from!

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You could take it a step further and give your valuable clients a life-saving gift set! We have branded bottles of de-icer as well as a huge variety of printed air fresheners. What a wonderful gift! After your customers scrape their windshield with your branded ice scraper and finally get their car door open with your branded de-icer, they can breathe in the lovely scent you have provided for them with a printed air-freshener!

All part of the promotional products range at Steel City Marketing.

Logo Printed Ice Scrapers - There When They Need You

Everyone has known the frustration of heading out to go to work only to be stopped short by a frost-covered windshield. Searching through your car, you find nothing to help scrape the ice away, so you try using an old cd case and that doesn’t work at all! You can help your clients avoid this stress and frustration by providing them with a promotional ice scraper! When they can easily remove the snow and ice from their windshield and get to school or work on time they will be thanking you for this great gift!

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