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Promotional sports bottles make a great merchandise giveaway, often used day to day by customers during sports activities.

You can purchase flip-tops, BPA-free, metal sports bottles, protein shaker bottles, folding bottles, drinks bottles, and eco-friendly sports bottles too.

Ever wondered how your promotional sports bottles are printed? Check out our Rotary Screen Printing video straight from the factory.

Steel City Marketing is a long-standing provider of branded merchandise, a UK supplier with a 25-year membership of the BPMA, providing you with a dedicated account manager, and free visuals to get your order just right.

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Branded Sports Bottles

Our promotional sports bottles are made from environmentally friendly reusable materials.

Your customers will take their branded sports bottles to places where brand new audiences will see your company’s logo. Whether it is to the gym, the soccer field or the daily commute, it is to your advantage that people are seeing a sports bottle with your company’s name on it.

You don’t have to be a part of the health and fitness industry to hand out promotional sports bottles. Everyone gets thirsty and everyone needs to stay hydrated. So whatever business you are in, it makes sense to use a branded water bottle as part of your marketing strategy. We have a wide variety of colours and styles to choose from.

Reusable Promotional Water Bottles

Everyone seems to carry a water bottle with them these days, whether they are heading to a yoga class or sightseeing in the city, making a sports bottle an environmentally-friendly, budget-friendly marketing tool. A sports bottle will offer your customers a useful item while providing long term brand awareness for your company.

Branded Protein Shakers - Perfect for Marketing in Gyms

Branded protein shakers are the perfect item if you own a gym, health food store or sports club.

If you are promoting an event, planning a new marketing campaign or just wishing to give your customers and employees a great thank-you gift a promotional sports bottle will do the job.

Our sports bottles come in a variety of colours, so they will be easy to match with your company’s logo colours. They have easy to grip designs that your customers will appreciate.

Think about increasing your advertising presence by giving these fabulous sports bottles away at the end of a deal, during an exhibition, as an online promotional offer or simply give them to your employees. Then a sports bottle is an item everyone will love to receive.

We have the perfect promotional sports bottle for every company and every event.

If you want to give out sports bottles for your marketing campaign, our water-bottle branding service can probably accommodate whatever you are hoping for.

Corporate Water Bottles

Providing your staff with corporate water bottles can encourage them to drink more water, which helps with concentration. They will also be likely to use them outside of work and in client meetings, helping to reinforce and promote the company branding and logo.

Eco-Friendly and Recycled Printed Sports Bottles

If people use a reusable sports bottle, they are doing away with the need to throw away their one-time use plastic bottles, which is good for the environment.

In addition, some of our sports bottles are designed organically with renewable sugar cane, making them even more environmentally friendly.

If you are looking for an eco-friendly choice look no further than our Bamboo Drinks Bottle.

Another example is our Aluminium Sports Bottle, which is a great alternative to plastic.

We also have a classic biodegradable sports bottle here.

We have several colour options so you can choose something perfect for your own company’s logo.

If you are interested in having your logo printed on sports equipment take a look at our huge array of other sports products including golf merchandise, sports cap, and sports bags.

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