Promotional Keyrings

Our range of promotional keyrings are a great way to get company branding in front of new and existing customers.

Use them as corporate keyring gifts at Christmas, Birthdays, or other milestone events, for conferences or marketing giveaways, goody bags, or for members of staff to hold company keys, house keys, and car keys.

Our range includes leather keyrings, plastic keyrings, keyring torches, keyrings with bottle openers, no-touch hygiene keyrings, trolley coin keyrings, and other more interesting attachments!

Steel City Marketing are BPMA registered, with years of experience helping companies like yours promote their brand through promotional merchandise in the UK and around the world.

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Why use branded keyrings in your marketing campaign?

Everyone carries a key of some kind, and in order to keep from losing them, we keep them on a ring, usually with a tag – so why not put your company logo or message on that ring and give them out as promotional items?

Keyrings have universal appeal, used by all ages and demographics. They're durable, so you can bulk buy them and use for multiple campaigns.

Customers who carry your logo on a keyring will not only be constantly reminded of your company, they will also show your logo to others throughout the course of daily life. Ongoing, subtle but powerful advertising for a low price can be yours with this simple product. Useful for the customer, and useful for you!

Our offering includes unique and custom keyrings to suit your company and logo. Choose from leather fobs, metal keychains, bottle-opener keyrings, and more – whatever you need to make your message clear in a fun, practical way.

Look through our wide range of items and contact us for a bespoke quote today. We're long-standing members of the British Promotional Merchandise Association, with over 25 years of membership.

Daily TouchPoints with Custom Keyrings

The purpose of a keyring is to keep tiny, important items together and in the possession of the keeper. By personalising that keyring to your company logo, you attach it to that sense of importance and as it gets used several times a day, that attachment just gets stronger with time.

Our keyrings and fobs are made from metal, leather, plastic and even products for the eco-mindful buyer. Your logo can be printed on any of these, with high-quality, vibrant colours that will last a long time. Not only will the user see the logo for a long time to come, but there is a good chance others will too, and your advertising money will continue to work for you long after you pay for and hand out the promotional product.

And that’s a good thing to know.

Our Corporate and Business Keyring Range

Our range includes options to suit all of your campaign needs, and budgets that are modest, medium, or high-powered!

The greatest power of keychain advertising is that it lasts so long after the campaign itself. Whether made from plastic, leather or metal, the items will last for years, repeatedly reminding the user of your company or message.

Unlike some promotional materials, these keychains are small and light enough to go everywhere with your customers, and to be used repeatedly, day after day.

A close relative of the key chain, the key fob is another popular promotional item. This can adapt to other purposes, like keeping a trolley coin close at hand, holding a tiny LED light or USB memory stick. We even have a keyring with a built in tape measure, and a very unique Rubiks Cube Keychain.

We also stock a range of eco-friendly keyrings, either made from recycled plastics, or made from bamboo. And with the introduction of the hygiene rules from the COVID-19 pandemic, we've stocked a range of "no touch keyrings", which help you open doors and touch various items without using your hands.

Printed Keyrings with Your Logo

Our branded keyrings can be added to a set of keys, a belt, a zip-pull on a coat or bag, and will then become part of your customers’ everyday landscape. We even have items to suit particular professions, like our House Key Ring for estate agents or mortgage advisors.

We offer printed plastic keyrings, leather fobs, engraved metal keyrings, charging keyrings, and various keyholders – all with the ability to have your company logo printed on them.

All you need to do is contact us via the form and we will send you a bespoke quote for what you need.

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James Biggin | Managing Director

Taking over the business co-founded by his father back in 2006, James has been the Managing Director of Steel City Marketing for 15 years and been with the company since 2001. With decades of experience in the promotional products industry, James is passionate about just how effective business gifts are at helping brands stand out and engage with their audience.

Overseeing all aspects of the business, James prides himself on our ability to listen to our clients, spark creative branded merchandise ideas, and provide a seamless customer journey. When not working, James can be found either on the squash court or running with his dog Alby in the peaks.

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