Branded Wristbands

Branded Wristbands for Exhibitions, Festivals, Attractions, Charity Events, or Everyday Wear.

Our promotional wristbands are made from a range of materials, including silicon, cotton, nylon and vinyl – and most are even made right here in the UK.

Wristbands come in many bright colours, can be branded, and some even have flashing LED lights for added visibility and bling.

Here at Steel City Marketing, we offer a personal service, with a dedicated account manager, and free visuals so everything is agreed upon before you order. We’re a 25-year member of the BPMA and proud to be based in the UK.

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Wristbands are Cost-Effective Merchandise

Distribute wristbands to individuals, customers, or even more widely at seminars, conferences, trade shows, exhibitions… the list goes on! Wristbands can also be sold as a fundraising item or given out in exchange for a donation. They are an excellent way for people to show that they support a cause with more than just words, and others who hold the same values might see them and want to take part as well.

Using promotional wristbands is a simple, cost-effective way to get your branding or message in front of the eyes you want to notice them.

Printed Wristbands are Ideal for Event Security

More than just a statement, wristbands can be used as a high-end hand stamp, showing authorisation to be in a certain event or area of a venue. This kind of dual-use allows you to have your branding worn by users, and you gain the added benefit of increased security with a highly visible wristband – instead of a ticket or an awkward card pocket on a shoestring necklace. Different colours can connote different levels of clearance or VIP service, also giving guests a sense of value and prestige.

Our festival wristbands are ideal for music festivals, where people often keep wristbands as memorabilia for many years. They can be safely secured on a wrist, so there is no sharing between multiple attendees. The bands are comfortable and durable, and are simply cut off at the end of the event. They work well for all-inclusive resorts as well, especially if there are elite zones or VIP sections or services at night events that require a different coloured wristband. You’ll have no need to bother guests with ticket checks or to create awkward moments if a guest forgets a card back in their room – these coloured wristbands are automatic indicators of who should be allowed into which areas, and who should not. No fuss, and everything is clear to both you, your staff, and your guests.

Promotional Wristbands are Perfect for Charity Events

There is no better way to raise awareness for a charity than having your message displayed for all to see on the wrists of those who support it. Whether the bands are sold as a fundraiser, or given away when donations are made, they are a great way for people to show they care – and for others to notice and do the same.

Budget & Luxury Wristbands Available

A wristband is an excellent item to include in gift bags, swag bags, welcome packs, and award baskets. Not only do they suit these things with regard to their size, but we also have a wide range of wristbands to choose from, including Pantone matching to your corporate or event colours, embossing, debossing, print; a variety of materials – including silicone, fabric, and even LED wristbands!

This range of options means that your wristband can be a bespoke item, unique to your branding needs. Choose one design for all of your users, or different wristbands that display different levels of giving, access permissions, or privileges. Whatever your needs are, our bespoke production system means that the designs and materials you need are available!

We even offer express versions of our wristbands if you find yourself in need of speedy delivery.

Having an event at night or in a darkened room? Our glow in the dark silicone wristbands are excellent for any such event, and are available in both adult and children’s sizes. They can even be ordered as express items if time is short. Your next bonfire night, Halloween party, disco, or other night-time event will look great and function well with our glow in the dark wristband choices.

Wristbands for Festivals, Events, and Fashion

Your target market might be outdoorsy types, like hikers, campers, rock climbers, ramblers, cyclists, or birdwatchers - ideal for an outdoor themed message on a wristband.

For the sports enthusiast, motivational messaging and classic sports quotes make a perfect branded item that customers actually want to wear.

Safety campaigns for walking, cycling, and even trick-or-treating at Halloween can be taken up a notch with a wristband.


James Biggin | Managing Director

Taking over the business co-founded by his father back in 2006, James has been the Managing Director of Steel City Marketing for 15 years and been with the company since 2001. With decades of experience in the promotional products industry, James is passionate about just how effective business gifts are at helping brands stand out and engage with their audience.

Overseeing all aspects of the business, James prides himself on our ability to listen to our clients, spark creative branded merchandise ideas, and provide a seamless customer journey. When not working, James can be found either on the squash court or running with his dog Alby in the peaks.

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