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Branded USB sticks printed with your company logo or branding message.

These memory sticks can be customised with your company logo for use in a promotional merchandise campaign, as part of a giveaway, or for a more personalised way of delivering important files to customers.

We have a large range available in multiple colours, laser engravings, finishes and sizes, from twister USB sticks and USB flash drives, to branded pens with a USB combined. With memory capacities from 128MB right up to 16GB.

We have options for Express UK delivery when you need them fast.

Steel City Marketing is a UK merchandise supplier, offering free visuals, a dedicated account manager, and we’re a 25-year member of the BPMA.

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Promotional USB Sticks For Your Marketing Campaign

Branded USBs, also known as promotional memory sticks or USB flash drives, are a popular choice when it comes to a promotional gift. Anyone who uses a computer and wants to save and transport important data independently or as a backup will find branded USBs handy, and they’ll see your company logo every time they do.

With the proliferation of the Cloud and other wireless data systems, flash drives are not used as often for holding data in the office, but there are other reasons why these can be very useful for both you and your customers or corporate clients.

When out of the office, for example, where mobile signals are weak, having key data on a USB can prevent costly delays. It is also useful to put promotional videos, information sheets, and other important customer information on a USB lanyard, so that your customers always have your company’s information right on hand. Making business that much easier for your clients can be the difference between them choosing your company, or another one.

They can also be used as a more personal gift for businesses that send deliverables via files, such as a photographer or videographer. As well as making a more personal gift, they act as a hard backup just in case online data is lost.

Choose from a wide range of styles and options, with memory ranging from 128MB for 16 GB. Printable in full colour and even engravable, these items are fully adaptable to your company’s style and branding.

Branded Memory Stick Uses

It is one thing to get your logo or branding out there, but it is another thing to get it out there in a form that will be regularly worn, used, and seen by your customers and those with whom they interact. Memory sticks are great for this niche.

Drop one in a goodie bag, present them to delegates at conferences, hand them out with contracts or advertising materials, and equip your team with them for highly visible team impact. They may be small, but they are useful and noticeable.

USB memory sticks are useful as in-house tools for efficiency and a sense of team building, but they can also be mailed out to clients and potential clients without the need for bulky packaging of protective layers – just an envelope will do the trick. Now that we are doing more and more meetings virtually, being able to mail out a quick perk to attendees is more important than ever.

Popular Printed USB Sticks

Our most popular promotional memory stick is the USB Twister. With its sleek profile and swivel action, it doesn’t need a cap (which might otherwise be lost) but still protects the internal components of the drive and anything you plug it into. It can be printed or engraved, and will look great as a part of your branding package.

Other popular items include the USB-i Metal Ballpen, which serves a dual purpose as a pen and USB stick, which saves anyone having to carry both items separately.

Branded USBs to Backup Data

When out of the office, pitching to clients and potential clients, it can be deadly to a deal if the needed presentation or information is not on hand. When mobile data is working well, there might not be any trouble, but if you want to safeguard the presentation of your products or services, and at the same time showcase your forethought and ability to overcome potential problems – having your data on hand is a great way to go.

Add your branding to it, and the impact is even better.

Leave the USB with the client afterwards, letting them know that everything they need to know is on it for their convenience, and you’ll leave a strong impression even after you’re gone.

Promotional USBs are also popular in educational settings and institutions.

Wherever a loss of mobile connectivity might stall a project, meeting or presentation, these little devices are great backups. Add to it the ability to leave useful information behind, and the value is clear.

Branded Flash Drives with Express Delivery

Tight deadlines are not a roadblock for us either. If you need your promotional product in a hurry, our wide range of express UK branded memory sticks can be ready fast. Add express delivery to that and your problem may be solved – and at a good price too.

To step up your personal branding with other promotional materials and gadgets, why not also upgrade to a branded power bank, wireless chargers, and calculator as well. Part of our gadgets range.


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