Meet the Team

James Biggin
Managing Director

Did you know...I had a part in an am-dram production of Hairspray playing Link Larkin. Had a solo too!

My favourite food is a Sunday roast or a good steak when eating out. I am a big Star Wars fan and love the Marvel films. My guilty pleasure is that my wife and I are Gleeks! We love Glee and the Greatest Showman too! My pet hate is poor customer service.
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Steven Cleland
Sales Manager

Did you know...I love watching The Greatest Showman!

I am happiest when watching The Greatest Showman. My favourite food is anything while watching The Greatest Showman. My guilty pleasure is watching The Greatest Showman. My pet hate is people eating with their mouths open while I'm watching The Greatest Showman.
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David Robinson
Account Manager

Did you know...I am happiest chilling at home with a glass of rum, playing computer games, fishing in the summer or spending time with my two kids.

My guilty pleasure is a good reality show - geordie shore, the challenge, ex on the beach! My favourite food is lamb - I love a nice curried mutton. My favourite film is anything with superheroes or secret agents. My pet hate is people that surface clean and just ram stuff in cupboards!!
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Leigh Walsh
Account Manager

Did you know...I can play the clarinet. 

Avengers: End Game is my favourite film. You can't beat meat and potato pie! I am happiest when I am with the Mrs and my kids. My guilty pleasure is Coronation Street!
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Debbie Hardy
Account Manager

Did you guilty pleasure is Tangy Toms?!

An interesting fact about me is that I still have 2 of my baby teeth! Italian is my favourite food, who can say no to pasta and garlic?! I am happiest when on holiday and my favourite film is National Lampoons Christmas Vacation.
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Dan Jackson
New Business Executive

Did you know...I was in the cast of "Everyone's Talking About Jamie" movie!

I love seafood and my favourite films are Serial Mom / Edward Scissorhands. I'm happiest when at the beach and swimming in the sea. My guilty pleasure is trashy American reality shows (Housewives/Kardashians)!
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Tom McLaren
New Business Executive

Did you know...I am an nonidentical twin.

I am happiest when at the gym and my favourite food is Thai Green Curry. Favourite film has to be Wolf of Wall Street and my pet hate is people eating loudly!
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Jenni Burton
Marketing Executive

Did you know...I lived in Sweden for a year.

I am happiest when dancing, enjoying a cake and coffee and with my family. My guilty pleasure is eating cereal out of a cup before bed. My favourite food is my mum's Yorkshire puddings and roast dinner!
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Rachel Cain
Office Manager

Did you know...I am a trained Doula.

My favourite food is cake/pasta/chocolate (not all at the same time!). I am happiest when sleeping, Lion king is my favourite film and my pet hate is ignorance.
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Lucy Hill
Production Administrator

Did you know...I have heterochromia in my right eye.

My favourite film is A Star Is Born. I am happiest when baking or with my cats! My pet hate is people on their phones when you're speaking to them. I love red Lindt Chocolates and my guilty pleasure is eating Nutella out of the jar!
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