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We sell a range of warm and comfortable branded gloves.

During the cold months, your customers will appreciate a free pair of cosy gloves. Have them printed with your company name and website URL or logo, and you have just created a promotional masterpiece!

What a perfect way to build a reputation for great customer service.

Personalised Branded Gloves

For a promotional campaign that is pretty much guaranteed to succeed, consider giving our personalised gloves to your customers. Offering something as necessary as gloves will ensure success. It doesn’t cost a lot to have gloves personalised in mass quantities with your company name and whatever other information you would like. It is a quick and easy process with the technology that we have. There is really no reason not to promote your business in this way!

Everyone needs to stay warm on chilly winter days. Cosy gloves, personalized with your company’s name, can be a wonderful way to show your customers you care. You could even consider further personalizing them with the names of your most loyal customers. This would go a long way in building a strong relationship with your customer. You will show that knowing their name is important to you and so is caring for their well-being.

Here at Steel City Marketing, we are experts in all things branded merchandise, 25 year members of the BPMA, and countless reviews from happy customers over the years.

Personalized giveaway gloves are only the beginning! We have an entirely new line of promotional products available to improve your marketing game. You can choose the products that best suit your customer’s needs and wishes. After you have your products branded with your company’s information, you have just earned yourself a lifetime of ongoing advertising!

You can combine these into a winter bundle with branded hats/beanies, and promotional jackets.

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