We have invested a lot of time and energy into creating values which are at the core of our culture:


  • Honest in our approach with all customers 
  • Honest in our approach with all colleagues 
  • Do what we say we will 
  • Proactively builds trusted relationships with our customers 
  • Doesn’t just ‘chase the sale’ 
  • Demonstrate we care


  • Actively supports our clients, their brands and their campaigns 
  • Actively supports all colleagues and team mates 
  • Fairness to our suppliers 
  • Takes responsibility and ownership 
  • Looks out for colleagues and offers help without being asked 


  • Demonstrates commitment to the company’s overall goals 
  • Demonstrates a positive attitude in everything we do 
  • Gives it our all when at work 
  • Brings out the energy in others 
  • Asks questions to constructively challenge what we do 
  • Generates ideas to help us achieve our goals 
  • Use our initiative without being pushed 
  • Have fun


  • Values other people’s views and opinions 
  • Actively asks for and listens to other people’s views and opinions 
  • Treats every customer and every order with care regardless of size 
  • Values other people’s contribution to the business 

Delight Our Customers 

  • ‘Wow’ our customers with the level of service we provide 
  • Strives to be an extra member of our clients’ team 
  • Looks to make us ‘as easy to do business with’ as possible 
  • Proactively keep customers informed every step of the way and deliver our “client journey”