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Customised coats and winter jackets, with full colour logo printing available, ideal for promotional marketing campaigns.

Combine with other clothing types such as t-shirts, trousers, umbrellas, backpacks, and bodywarmers for a complete set of company employee uniforms, corporate wear, or exhibition gear.

Outerwear is seen by all front-facing customers, as well as by passers-by on someone’s commute, and on company promotional videos, making it a great value for money branded product.

Steel City Marketing offers a personal service, with a dedicated account manager, along with free visuals, so you know exactly what you’re ordering. We’re a 25-year member of the BPMA, with a long-standing history of helping companies like you.

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Promotional Outerwear

Printed jackets and vests are renowned for their practicality. They can also help you create long-term brand exposure. They can be handed out as merchandise to your customers and worn by your staff. There are many options available to you when it comes to jackets and vests, and these include body warmers, gilets, sweatshirts, logo-printed jumpers and hoodies. These items can add a great deal of value to your customers' lives, helping them stay warm even during the coldest months of the year.

You can personalise the jackets and vests by printing your unique business design onto them. This is great for people who come into the office, as well as those working from home. Instead of relying on your staff lanyards, you can make your employees visible from all angles with large logo branded jackets or micro fleece jackets.

These items have a very large versatility, making them appropriate for a wide range of marketing campaigns and exhibitions. Our promotional clothing range includes men's and women's coats, unisex jackets, lightweight jackets, full zip jackets, rain jackets and waterproof jackets, and softshell jackets. We include high-quality brands, including Berghaus, and Fruit of the Loom.

These items are also ideal if you're looking for new ways to dress your staff smartly in an affordable manner. We are renowned for our low cost per unit, and we can print or embroider your logo onto these garments. This makes it much easier for your team to be recognised at trade shows and other big events. The garments can also be worn around your business premises to boost brand awareness and ensure customers remember your branding long after they have left your establishment.

Warm Winter Jackets Printed with Your Company Logo

Wearing inadequate clothing in low temperatures can be very dangerous. If your body starts to lose heat faster than it can generate it, you could start battling with hypothermia, which can be fatal. Thankfully, our promotional soft shell jackets have been designed specifically to protect you and your people from challenging climates.

They include three layers of bonded fabric, and this enables them to trap warmth whilst delivering breathability. The jackets are both windproof and waterproof. If a client or customer plans to head to a colder part of the world, one of our promotional jackets could be worth its weight in gold. By having your branding added to the jackets, you can ensure your recipients quickly associate your company with safety, protection and warmth.

Benefits of Using Jackets as Branded Products

Our promotional jackets are high use items that can be used daily and therefore deliver many brand impressions. The jackets are also very practical. Your clients are likely to hold you in high regard for helping them stay warm and safe.

There are various choices available, and these include body warmers, soft shell jackets, gilets and many more. The jackets can be customised in several ways. Choose from various styles and colours whilst adding your unique corporate branding to the garments.

Promotional Gilets, Vests, & Bodywarmers

Many options are available if you need jackets for less extreme climates. These include jackets made from nylon, fleece, and polyester. Some of the gilets in the range feature PVC waterproof coatings or quilted interiors for extra comfort and warmth. Our promotional body warmers are ideal for sports like football and tennis. The vests are perfect for when warmth is needed but a full jacket is not appropriate. Bodywarmers are designed to regulate body temperature thanks to their heat retention properties. They can also be worn over

Which Type of Marketing Campaign is a Jacket Good For?

Personalised jackets and vests can be useful in various scenarios. They can improve relationships between businesses and clients substantially due to their practicality and efficiency. They also work well as sponsored products at large sports events, where there's a chance thousands of spectators could be exposed to your branding.


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Overseeing all aspects of the business, James prides himself on our ability to listen to our clients, spark creative branded merchandise ideas, and provide a seamless customer journey. When not working, James can be found either on the squash court or running with his dog Alby in the peaks.

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