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High-quality promotional laptop bags, including branded laptop sleeves and tablet bags.

These branded laptop bags are the perfect advertisement for your business. By adding your company’s logo to a laptop bag, it acts as a walking billboard on someone’s commute and between meetings, helping you maximise exposure to your target audience.

They’re excellent promotional gifts to employees, business partners, and clients alike.

Steel City Marketing is a UK based merchandise supplier, holding a 25-year membership of the BPMA. All customers receive a dedicated account manager, and free visuals to get your products just right before purchase.

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There is a lot to choose from when it comes to promotional business products – so much so that it is difficult to stand out anymore! An exception to this is a customised, branded, high-quality laptop bag. Now that’s not something you see at every trade show.

Benefits of Laptop Bags as Merchandise

Almost no one can work without a laptop, tablet, smartphone (or more often a combination of two or more of these!), and more people than ever are working remotely – making some method of safely carrying this expensive equipment, essential.

But even beyond that, there are reasons why laptop bags are a great promotional item. Consider just a few of them:

  • Durability – Most promotional items are used for a few months, at best, and then find their way to the dustbin, the back of some cupboard somewhere, or to the bottom of a junk drawer. A good laptop bag, however, lasts for years of regular use.
  • Visibility – Unlike a mug or keychain, which is seen only when drinking something in the office, or unlocking a door, a laptop bag is on display nearly all of the time. Carried on the Tube, train or bus, sitting on a café table or hanging from a chair, or clearly displayed as it hangs on a coat hook by a desk, waiting to be on the move again. And your branding can be there too, clear for all to see.
  • Practicality – Laptop bags are something that we need for modern working. These bags keep our possessions and data safe and at-hand, even when we’re out in the field or navigating busy urban streets. We want something good, even if we don’t want to pay for something trendy, so a good-looking, good-quality laptop bag will fit that bill and may become a much-appreciated possession.
  • Brand Awareness – Most laptop bags are not branded, or only bear a small logo from a computer company or designer. Add full branding to a bag and it will stand out, stating clearly that the company that sponsored that bag cares about quality, practicality, and reaching its potential customers in a pleasing way. Lots of locations, for years on end, and a great message – in short, this is an effective way to get your brand out there.

Laptop Bags Suitable for a Range of Demographics

Especially if your company is tech-related, or caters to the tech field (or any other that regularly uses and transports laptops and other small computers), a laptop bag hits centre-target when it comes to user appreciation. Consider a programmer carrying your branding to a trouble-shooting callout, or an installer displaying your branding when setting up an onsite system, or a project manager meeting with stakeholders, proudly showing the bag and logo to a wide range and level of potential customers. Each of these situations may prove highly effective in raising brand awareness and reaching your potential customers.

Students, too, though they may not be big buyers at the moment, will each be moving into some sector of industry. Some may well need your services and will recognise your logo when they see it, either because they once carried one of your branded bags, or because they still do!

If you are looking for a high-visibility, very desirable promotional item, a branded laptop may be just the thing you’re looking for.

Types of Laptop Bag

Before your final decision is made, there is another important consideration: how to choose the right bag for your promotional needs. Styles vary widely, and there will be one that suits your image and needs to a tee.

Here are some handy tips to consider when choosing:

  • Shoulder bags reach wider audiences, as they are most versatile for carrying items while keeping hands free for things like tube rails or other items, with an included shoulder strap.
  • For the top grade in style, and when protection is only needed around the office or when stowed in luggage etc., the tablet or laptop sleeve is a great choice. It also lets those with very high-end satchels and briefcases keep the overall outer look in tune with a formal business setting. Your branding and logo will still be visible – perhaps on the conference table – when removed for computer access.
  • Laptop backpacks are more popular with those wanting to cycle while carrying their packs (shoulder bags are unstable in this situation), and for those with significant walks in their day, as they are more balanced over both shoulders. They also tend to be bigger. They are, however, less suitable for more formal workplaces.

Your staff and partners will love having a practical means to store essential workplace items, and the branding will increase each person’s sense of being a team member, working toward a common goal. Add to this the appreciation and sense of personal value to the company that a person feels when given a gift like that, and it can raise office morale. Gifts like this are unique, and are frequently seen and handled, so they often have more impact, and for longer, than cash gifts or bonuses. High-quality nylon and polyester are used as they're best for printing on. There are plenty of compartments and pockets to store various electronic devices, notebooks, pens, and other essentials.

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Our offering includes dozens of different designs, each one perfect for a different company or use, or desired look. We have laptop bags, tablet bags, document and conference styles, messenger styles, and even sleek sleeves. Our prices are very competitive, and our turnaround times will leave you smiling – because why wait? Our extensive line of business bags, messenger bags, laptop bags, document bags (and so on), together with your unique branding, can combine to give you a great-looking, functional, and brand-building winner.

Browse our exhibition products here, including conference giveaways lanyards, and wristbands.

If you want to go further and augment your branded bags with accessories, take a look through our range of branded stylus pens, wireless charging pads, power banks, and other tech-related promotional products that will have your branding visited again and again throughout the user’s day.


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Taking over the business co-founded by his father back in 2006, James has been the Managing Director of Steel City Marketing for 15 years and been with the company since 2001. With decades of experience in the promotional products industry, James is passionate about just how effective business gifts are at helping brands stand out and engage with their audience.

Overseeing all aspects of the business, James prides himself on our ability to listen to our clients, spark creative branded merchandise ideas, and provide a seamless customer journey. When not working, James can be found either on the squash court or running with his dog Alby in the peaks.

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