Are you looking for a way to stand out from your competitors? Do you want to add a playful twist to your next marketing campaign and make people smile? Well look no further! We are often asked for weird and wacky promotional gifts, and see it as an exciting challenge to source an unusual and quirky branded item. From fully bespoke stress characters to colour changing mugs and umbrellas, there is a huge range of unique, fun promotional gifts to choose from.

Unusual Promotional Products

When should I use unusual business gifts?

There are many occasions when you may want to incorporate an unusual promotional gift to your marketing campaign:

  • Grab the attention of delegates at your next exhibition or event
  • Create a fun and playful thank you gift to loyal clients
  • Make an impact when launching a new product or service
  • Make a business or colleague anniversary truly memorable
  • Mark a special occassion

Can I get [insert name] product?

As marketers, we know it is important to be creative and think outside of the box! If you have an idea for a business gift but can’t see it in our catalogue, please get in touch with us and it is more likely than not that we can source what you are looking for. With many of our promotional gifts coming in an array of colours, sizes and styles, along with the ability to add your own logo and customisation, there is likely to be an item just right for your project. We have filmed a short video below answering a common question we are asked – “Do we do this product?”

Make your brand stand out with these unusual and unique gifts

1. Bespoke Shape Stress Items

Stress relievers are probably the most versatile and customisable promotional product available; the foam can be formed into the shape of any object you could possibly think of! Maybe you are promoting an engineering company – a hard hat stress reliever could be a good brand fit, or maybe you want to launch a new delivery service or work in the logistics industry – how about our branded stress van? The list of stress shapes is almost limitless, from pigs and penguins, to bananas, champagne bottles and even different characters (think doctors, nurses, police, office workers!). If a stress reliever is not quite enough, how about making it into a keyring or phone holder?! With such a diverse selection of stress relievers, no matter what industry or sector you are promoting, there is most likely a stress reliever item for you!

If you want something completely different and unique, there is the option to create a bespoke stress reliever. All you have to do is design your shape, and we can create a bespoke mould for you. With this custom process, we are even able to offer up to 4-5 Pantone matched colours! This route could work particularly well if you want to replicate a brand mascot.

A perfect way to add a little bit of fun to your next marketing campaign,  stress relievers are also a fantastic tool to clearly separate your brand from your competitors.

unusual stress keyrings

2. Bespoke USB Sticks

Like stress relievers, USB flash drives lend themselves to unique, custom made shapes. You can create your own USB person from scratch, or design a bespoke 2D or 3D shape. Whatever your idea, there is a very large chance we can create a USB stick version of it!

Although the majority of people do use the Cloud or similar to back up data, USB sticks are still a great way to present company details, promotional videos and any important customer information. Hand them out at events or conferences so that your clients have your information to hand. USB flash drives can also act as a hard backup copy in case any information is lost online.

USB Stick Bespoke PersonBespoke USB StickBespoke 2D Guitar USB Stick

3. Colour Changing Products

One way to surprise and wow your customers is with a promotional gift that changes colour! We can add your logo to our full colour printed ceramic mugs that reveal your artwork as hot water is added to them. We can offer you a colour change umbrella where your branding goes from white to a rainbow motif when in wet conditions! Or how about a printed t-shirt that reveals the colours of your branding when exposed to the sun? For a more budget friendly unusual promotional gift, colour change silicone wristbands, stress balls and even rubber ducks are a bit out of the norm and will turn your customers heads!

Colour Change Promotional MugColour change branded umbrella

Colour Change Duck

4. Gifts Made From Unusual Materials

Another way to make your customers both old and new stop in their tracks is with a gift made from an unusual material. We can put your logo on pencils made from recycled CD cases, denim and even money! If you market a car dealership, a branded tyre tread ballpen or coaster made from recycled tyres could align closely to your offering.

We also have eco-friendly promotional products here.

Tyre Tread Ballpen

5. Add Novelty To Your Marketing Campaign

A fun way to inject personality to your marketing is with a novelty giveaway. If you are organising a party or want an ice breaker at your next exhibition, our selfie props, head boppers and card masks are a cheap and cheerful way to spread a smile and make sure your brand is fondly remembered.

You may have seen us raving about these before, but promotional socks are such a cool idea to promote your marketing message! Fun, quirky and with a massive branding area to get creative. We are sure your brand will be centre stage by gifting socks branded with your logo!

A novel idea to bring your Christmas marketing alive is to give out our chocolate sprouts! Yes you did read that right, chocolate sprouts! Sure to make your customers to do a double take and start conversations flowing!

Browse other promotional clothing here.

Promotional Socks

6. Sweet Surprises!

Similar to the chocolate sprouts, a sweet surprise that isn’t quite what it seems, are our branded grab bags with chocolate pebbles. And whilst we are on the subject of chocolate, if you are in the engineering or construction industry, how about sending out chocolate tool kits, presented in a branded gift box?!

If you are looking to add a playful, retro twist to your next branded giveaway, a stick of rock, or individual rock sweets with your company name or custom wording running throughout the middle could be just the ticket.

You can browse all branded food and drink here. branded stick of rock

7. Unusual, Innovative Gadgets

If you are want to really dazzle your customers, an innovative gadget could be the perfect choice. Interactive UFO drones printed with your logo to the central panel would be a real show stopper! Or our Bamboo BT speaker which creates an ambient lighting effect when used, could make for a thoughtful and memorable business gift. In fact, we can supply a number of gadgets where your brand logo will light up when used, including our soft touch light up powerbank. If you want to promote your awareness of personal protection, you could consider branded earbuds which come in a UV-C sterilising charging case or a UV-C sterilising box incorporating a 5W wireless charger.

Browse all promotional gadgets here.

Interactive UFO Drone

Light Up PowerbankUV-C Steriliser Box with 5W Wireless Charger

8. Engage With Your Customer With Interactive Items

A fun way to engage and interact with your customer, whether it be reveal a new product or service, a special offer or a campaign message is with a promotional puzzle. Our jigsaw puzzle coasters for example, are small and light and so are an ideal low cost direct mail idea. Promotional games like playing cards, frisbees, and juggling balls could also make for a out of the norm, unusual interactive gift.

If you are wanting to mark a business anniversary, showcase a long standing product/range or even if you are celebrating a company start up, look no further than promotional seeds and plants. They are a fun and creative way to convey a marketing message of growth, not to mention the mental health benefits of caring and growing plants! By sending out to your customers, you can celebrate with them and invite them to ‘grow with you’

Branded jigsaw puzzle coasterPromotional Playing CardsPromotional Seed Packet

9. Unusual Gifts For The Home

With the shift to many office workers spending more time at home, unusual promotional gifts for the home could strike the right note with your target audience and get you to stick in their minds! Items for the kitchen like Spaghetti measures, rice measuring cups, cutlery and even cheese board sets can all be branded with your logo.  Promotional tool sets, tape measurers and radiator fobs are all handy items to have within reach when at home. Home fitness is also an on-trend  activity, and products that make it easy and enticing to do a bit of exercise at home – like our resistance sport bands – can make a unique business gift to offer.  Promotional Fork Knife & Spoon Combi

Branded Cheese Board Set

Promotional Resistance Sport Bands

10. Budget Friendly Unusual Items

If you are restricted on your budget but still want to create a unique marketing campaign, don’t worry, there are plenty of promotional options which could take the edge over your competitors. Both our promotional stickers and magnets can be completely bespoke and designed to suit your message. So whether you are wanting to have a bit of fun with our vinyl cut stickers or make sure your brand is seen daily, these two ideas would work with a low marketing budget.

Another budget friendly promotional item is perhaps one of the most well-known in our industry – the logo bug! Also, customisable in a huge number of colours and styles, you can make sure your brand brings a smile to your customers face!

Bespoke Bamboo Fridge MagnetLogo bug

We hope this content has sparked some creative marketing ideas for your next event, exhibition or campaign. If you would like more details on the above products or would like to talk to us about your own unusual promotional gift idea, please contact us.

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