Although only 9% of the plastic ever made has been recycled, recycling is on the up, with global rates estimated to be around 20%. We have seen a similar rise in the popularity of recycled promotional products, with recycled options in branded drinkware, bags, cups and desk items all coming to the market. And did you know that recycled plastic products require up to 88% less energy when manufactured? This is because much of the energy used during manufacture is to create “virgin” plastic from raw materials such as petroleum or natural gas. Even when a product is less easy to recycle, using materials that are recycled
will use less resources than those needed to make a product out of virgin materials.

Recycled Plastic Promotional Products

New Recycled Promotional Products

UK Recycled Plastic Promotional Products

Brand new to the market this year, is a range of 12 unique 100% recycled plastic promotional products which are packed in recyclable and compostable packaging. The plastic is sourced from industrial grade recycled HIPS, salvaged from the internal parts of discarded fridges and yoghurt pots. This waste is recycled to produce a new (even greener) material called rHIPSb, a revolutionary, recycled polymer.

Not only is this unique branded gift range recycled, but it is also recyclable and  biodegradable. It works through the addition of a Biodegradable Additive that enhances the ability of naturally occurring microbes to consume the plastic. In fact, promotional products made of rHIPSb will naturally biodegrade 200 times faster than normal plastics occurring in home composts, landfill and water. Friendly microbes fully digest the polymer, so all that is left is rich biomass and water and no micro plastics!

All of the products are manufactured in a green UK factory with an EPC rating of A+ and powered by solar arrays with extra power coming from a renewable energy supplier. Being made in the UK also means there are no air miles involved.

rHIPS.b Recycled Promotional Products in compost

Why invest in rHIPSb promotional products?

  1. Made from 100% waste materials and no virgin materials.
  2. It is fully biodegradable: broken down by over 600 naturally occurring microbes 200 times faster than ordinary plastic. Able to biodegrade in home compost, water and landfill. 
  3. No micro-plastics just rich biomass & water: broken down by friendly microbes digesting the polymer 
  4. Available in 5 tactile, muted colourways inspired by the coastal influences of Cornwall, UK.
  5. Designed & manufactured in the UK: and distributed from Cornwall to wherever it needs to go. Meaning no air miles!

So if you are looking to embrace your brands eco-friendly credentials, this affordable, truly eco alternative promotional range could be of interest to you. See below a selection or products from the range.

Brand New Como Promotional Range

Another new recycled collection to the promotional market is the Como Range. A high quality selection of stitched gifts made from recycled bottles (rPet).  With plastic bottles in landfill taking up to 700 years to biodegrade, this range addresses the issue of sustainability and waste. The products are manufactured with recycled board and minimal waste, there is zero plastic packaging and carbon neutral UK delivery. It is also Vegan friendly with no animal products used, and contributes to a Tree Aid Scheme.

Over 70% of the Como collection is made in the UK, and includes notebooks, coasters, luggage tags, passport wallets, credit card cases and hand sanitiser pouches. All of which have a subtle grained finish and are soft and tactile, and can be branded with your logo with exceptional deboss quality.

Como Range of Recycled Promotional Products

UK Recycled Plastic Promotional Bottles

Prevented Ocean Plastic Promotional Bottles

Prevented Ocean Plastic is recycled plastic collected from coastal areas at risk of ocean plastic pollution. The plastic is collected within 50km of an ocean coastline or major waterway that feeds into the ocean. This is then sorted and transformed into high quality, food-safe recycled plastic. We can now supply you with eco sports bottles made in the UK from 100% Prevented Ocean rPET Plastic. The bottles also come individually polybagged in a home-compostable bag. H20 Branded Bottle Multi

A great alternative to a single use bottle, reusable plastic bottles will be a welcomed branded gift and help to promote an eco-friendly marketing message. The H2O eco bottles come in a charcoal or blue tint bottle colour and can have a dome, spout or screw cap lid. If you are wanting a contrasting colour lid to match your brand colours, we have over 10 vibrant shades to choose from all made from TPE Plastic.

Reclaimed Plastic Promotional Bottles

Also new to our recycled promotional collection is the Eco finger grip 500ml sports bottle. These bottles are made from 100% reclaimed food grade material that has been saved from landfill by collection of milk bottles from council recyclers. The colour is dependent on how many labels or caps get through the remanufacturing process, hence why they are off white in colour. There are 12 different cap colours to choose from and either a one way sip valve or push pull lid depending on your preference.

Recycled Promotional Mugs

Joining the Americano® recycled travel mug this year is the Spectra Reclaimed Plastic Mug.  Made with reclaimed plastic from factory waste, this new recycled plastic mug is durable and top rack dishwasher safe. It is manufactured in a UK factory and has a sparkle effect finish due to the recycled material content.

Branded Spectra Reclaimed Plastic Mug

Recycled Promotional Bags

rPET Promotional Shopping Bags

Alongside the new rPET promotional tote, this foldable version allows for the bag to be folded into an easy to store drawstring pouch.  Made from 100% recycled plastic bottles. The bottles are shredded, ground into pellets, melted and processed into rolls of fabric and turned into bags. See below the process steps:

  1. Recycled PET bottles sourced
  2. Caps and labels are removed, bottles sorted and cleaned
  3. Bottles are shredded and ground into pellets
  4. Pellets are melted down and extruded into fibre
  5. rPET fibre is transformed into rolls of fabric
  6. Bags are made from rPET fabric and printed with your logo

rPET foldable promotional bag

If you are looking for a recycled promotional bag which can be printed with your design all over to both sides, the rPET tote is the bag for you! There is also a drawstring rPET option too. Like the Green and Innocent options above, these items are both made from 100% recycled bottles.

rPET Full Colour Branded Bag

Recycled Cotton Branded Shopper Bags

As well as 100% rPET shoppers, there are a number of new shoppers that are made using recycled cotton. This gives the bags a more natural look and a soft handle.

Recycled Cotton Tote Bag

The IMPACT Collection of Promotional Backpacks, Travel and Laptop Bags

New to the market is the IMPACT Collection, a sustainable promotional range that has been designed to end greenwashing with traceability.  Teaming up with AWARE™, our manufacturers guarantee the genuine use of recycled materials as well as a reduction in the use of water.  All the branded backpacks, travel and laptop bags have a virtual component that verifies sustainable content by tracer technology, and validates claims by blockchain technology.

Why does the IMPACT range make water saving claims?

Water is a worldwide issue, from the melting of the Arctic to dried outlands. By 2050, 50% of the world’s population will experience so called “water stress” – having to deal with a lack of sufficient and ready to use water. By using recycled polyester and cotton in the IMPACT range, thousands of litres of water is saved and so the tracer technology also validates this reduction of water use. For each IMPACT product sold a 2% donation is made to support

The IMPACT range also features promotional hats and document portfolios which are also covered by AWARE™ guarantees.

Recycled Promotional Pens

Promotional pens are one of the most popular and useful items to gift, so when made in a sustainable way, it is a win-win purchase! There are a number of new to the market promotional pens to choose from, all made from recycled materials:

Prodir Regenerated Recycled Pens

    • Litani Bottle Pen – Made using certified recycled plastic bottles. Available in 7 translucent colours.
    • Dott Matt Ballpen – Produced from 100% post consumer products.
    • Prodir Regeneration Pen – Using the factories internal waste, these pens are made with 100% recycled plastic and are equipped with a low-pollutant refill.
    • Prodir Antibacterial Pen –  As above but with the inclusion of antibacterial additive.
    • Prodir Tyre Tread Ballpen – Made with 30% recycled plastic, this pen features a tyred tread patterned barrel.
    • Baron FT Recycled Ballpen – 100% recycled ABS plastic (post-consumption of electronic devices and/or end-of-life appliances) from Europe. With 12 new nature inspired colours and a matt finish. Part of the “Reforestation Project” where for every 10,000 pens purchased, a tree is ‘adopted’ and planted in an African forest.

Recycled Promotional Pencils

Similarly, there a lots of new recycled promotional pencils. An ideal low cost, mailable marketing tactic for those industries that use pencils such as construction and education.

    • Recycled Plastic Pencil – Made from post consumer recycled plastic this pencil features a silver ferrule and a white eraser.
    • Newspaper Pencil – Made from rolled recycled newspaper featuring silver ferrule and coloured eraser to match pencil colour.
    • Wood Free Pencil – Made from recycled fridges and yoghurt pots. The material will not splinter or break.
    • Recycled CD Case Pencil – Made using recycled CD cases in the UK.

Recycled Promotional Notebooks

Couple your recycled promotional pen or pencil with a recycled notebook! Whether it is a rPET fabric or recycled leather hardcover, the paper used in this product is from responsibly sourced wood from sustainably managed forests.rPET A5 Notebook

UK Recycled Promotional Lanyards and Wristbands

Made using certified recycled polyester ribbon (rPET), this new promotional eco lanyard is manufactured in the UK. The factory doesn’t use any single use plastics, all waste paper is recycled into cardboard for boxes and water-based inks are used instead of solvent-based inks for printing. The lanyards can also be supplied in bio and compostable bags. The eco lanyards come in two lengths: 15mm and 20mm and are fitted with a deluxe safety break and trigger clip.

20mm Polyester Recycled Lanyard

Also new to the market is this eco-friendly certified rPET festival wristband. With your brand printed in full colour to one side and featuring plastic security ring and and aluminium ring or spring toggle. A great low cost way to wear your brands eco-credentials on your sleeve at any upcoming event!

Recycled Promotional Wristband

Recycled Promotional Umbrellas

The Recycled Vented Umbrella has a canopy made from 100% recycled PET (recycled bottles). It has been designed with a vented canopy for increased stability in windy conditions. It also features an automatic function for quicker opening along with a strong but lightweight fibreglass stem and ergonomic black rubber coated handle.

Recycled Vented Umbrella

Recycled Promotional Clothing and Accessories

Although not brand new, we couldn’t not touch on recycled promotional clothing. With clothing and textiles being identified as one of the largest contributors to the climate crisis, clothing manufacturers are starting to take note and change production to more sustainable and eco-friendly options.

Nearly all our promotional clothing is now eco-friendly, made from organic, Fairtrade or rPET materials. When it comes to clothing made from recycled material, the printable softshell, microfleece top and insulated jacket are all top choices made from 100% recycled polyester.

Result Recycled Mens Printable Softshell

What is new this year is the recycled polyester snood. Promotional snoods have become very popular following the Covid-19 pandemic, as a wearable and fashionable alternative to a branded face covering. Made in the UK, this all over full colour printed branded snood is eco-friendly, being produced with certified eco rPET polyester.Recycled Polyester SnoodWe hope you’ve enjoyed our list of brand new recycled promotional products. This is just a small selection of eco-friendly branded solutions available to you and your brand. If you are struggling to find the right recycled branded item, then why not get in touch with the Steel City team? We can spark ideas with you and guide you to a recycled promotional product that works for you.

Call the team on 0114 275 4150.