Following over a year of restrictions here in the UK, and with many office workers still working from home, a lot of us are seeking ways to help our mental and physical well-being. Bringing nature into our daily lives, spending more time in green spaces and keeping active can all help to cultivate a healthy mind and body.  It’s no wonder then that gardening has become a popular activity during lockdown. In fact gardening has been proven to increase our level of happiness and meaningfulness, and is on par with biking, walking or dining out.¹ Simply by having a regular view of greenery has a beneficial impact on our wellbeing².

Promotional Plant on Desk

This leads us on to how promotional seeds and plants could be the ideal marketing tactic to encourage wellbeing amongst your target audience and team.

Why invest in promotional seeds and plants?

1. Show you have their best interests at heart

By making promotional seeds or plants centre stage to your marketing campaign, you will be championing mindfulness and healthy wellbeing. As mentioned above, caring for and being around plants has many health benefits, including:

  • Helps us to practice mindfulness
  • Improves our mood and make us feel happier
  • It’s an active hobby and so will release endorphins which can alleviate anxiety and depression
  • Helps self-esteem and confidence
  • Reduces stress levels and keeps blood pressure lower
  • Increases productivity (by up to 15%)³
  • Improves air quality

2. Help the environment

Plants absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen, which creates a healthier environment to be in. If you want to promote your green credentials, and showcase your commitment to the environment, putting your brand on promotional seeds or plants is a direct and easy way to do so.

3. Sow the seeds of success

Of course, ‘planting a seed’ with promotional seeds and plants is also a clever and creative way to launch a new business, service or product. As your business or offering grows, so will the promotional plant offered to your target audience; a constant reminder of your brand.

4. Long-lasting promotion of your brand

Branded plants or seeds will not only provide an instant brand impression, as they grow, your customer or colleague will be reminded of your kind gesture for months if not years! If the receiver of your gift is office based, desktop plants will provide a daily reminder of your brand and your contact details will be in reach for when they need your service or product.

5. Team building

Promotional seeds and plants can be used as a vehicle for team bonding and building. Planting the seeds as a group activity, or running a friendly growing competition between colleagues can help us to connect and build relationships. This in turn will improve morale and general wellbeing!

Our Top Selling Promotional Seeds and Plants

So whether you are wanting to encourage healthy wellbeing, promote your green credentials or launch a new offering, we have a huge range of promotional plants and seeds to strengthen your marketing message.

From seeded promotional pencils and notepads to brandable plant pots – there is an option for everyone, whether green fingered or not! So here are our top selling promotional seeds and plants:

Promotional Seed Sticks

Our UK made matchbook packs of seed sticks are a neat and handy size to post out or add to other marketing material.  They are also manufactured using 100% recycled greyboard and responsibly sourced wood from sustainably managed forests.  And printed in full colour, inside and out, using veg and soy inks – the perfect item to marry up with promotion of your company eco-credentials! We can also supply our promotional seed sticks in a large variety of bespoke shapes – from lightbulbs and cars to bees and hearts! Just get in touch and we can explore the whole range with you.

Promotional Seed Sticks

Promotional Seed Packets

Another letterbox friendly item – these UK Made promotional seed packets can be printed all over with your branding and are produced with 100% recycled materials. Choose from flower, vegetable, herb or tree seeds.
Medium Seed Packet

Seedball Matchboxes

An award winning and memorable branded plantable item. The Seedball matchboxes are the perfect environmental giveaway, encouraging the planting of wildflowers and pollination for bees & butterflies. They are particularly popular with garden centres, museums and heritage organisations.

Each matchbox contains six easy to grow wildflower seed balls which can be scattered on soil in a garden without the need of a pot. There is no need for any garden expertise for these!


Seedball Matchbox

Seeded Soft Cover Note Set

Another eco-friendly product, our seeded soft cover adhesive note set comprises 25 x adhesive grass paper sheets and 3 coloured page markers.  The cover has a selection of wildflower meadow seeds embedded within the card, which can be planted after use. A dual use desktop addition!

Seeded Soft Cover Adhesive Note Set Seeded Soft Cover Adhesive Note Set Open

Sprout® Pencil

These Promotional Pencils are an ideal, novel promotional gift to help introduce a little gardening to your clients or team mates. When you have finished using the pencil, simply turn it upside down and plant it in soil. There are 10 different non-GMO seeds to choose enclosed in a plant based seed capsule at the end of the pencil.  What’s more, the pencils will serve as name tags for the type of plants that you are growing. Made from FSC-certified or PEFC wood, the Sprout pencil can be engraved with your brand logo. You could even brand a hashtag or a message to promote being mindful. There is also the option to include branded packaging to help explain your marketing message and the merits of this sustainable branded gift.

Sprout Single Card

Eco Cubes

If you are wanting a desktop plant for your campaign, these eye-catching wooden cubes custom-printed with your brand could be the ideal pick! The cube is made from high quality Alder wood and is 100% compostable making this a sustainable eco-friendly promotional product and corporate gift. A decorative feature to any office, home or school, these eco cubes will be a welcomed addition and have long-lasting brand visibility. They come with 5 Seedsticks (choose from flowers, herbs, Christmas trees or even a dwarf banana plant!) and a fully branded sleeve.

Branded Eco Cubes

Single Pot Wraps

Another plant pot option – this time with a more traditional, small terracotta clay pot and a sachet of seeds (along with instructions!) making it easy for your target market to ‘sow and grow’! Each pot comes with individual wrap-around card packaging that can be custom printed in two colours with your clients business logo and branding. You can choose from a range of flower, vegetable, herb or tree seeds and seeds take around 2 weeks to germinate and start to grow. A sustainable promotional alternative which will reflect your brands commitment to the environment and reducing waste.

Promotional Single Pot Clay Wrap


Branded Clay Plant Pot

If you are wanting a more contemporary statement, our recyclable and reusable clay pot would make a nice addition to any space. It comes with an organic soil coin and innovative seedball. You can choose from a number of seeds. We particularly like the ‘Bee Mix’ option which includes 100% wild flower seeds. Made in the UK (it’s nice to minimise carbon footprint where we can!), this natural clay pot can be laser engraved with your branding to one face.

Branded Clay Pot

Desktop Garden Pots

These recycled brushed aluminium desktop garden pots are a neat way to promote urban gardening. They come with an innovative seedball that will germinate in around 7-14 days. Complete with cork stopper, growing instructions and organic soil coin with full colour label. The label can be laser engraved or rotary screen printed to maximise your logo or message. The desktop gardens are available in silver brushed or matt black finish and presented in branded Kraft postal box which can be bulk packed or personalised and individually posted.

Branded Desktop Garden Pot

Promotional seeds and plants are the ideal choice to promote wellbeing, embrace your eco-credentials and create long-lasting brand visibility. Please get in touch if you would like any additional information on any of the above promotional seeds and plants. Call us on 0114 275 4150 or email us.

“Your mind is a garden. Your thoughts are the seeds. You can grow flowers or you can grow weeds”

William Wadsworth 

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Please note this blog has been updated from original post in June 2020.