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Promotional shopping bags printed with your custom logo and branded message, available in a range of materials and styles, as well as express delivery for short deadlines. Branded bags are perfect for getting your branding in front of potential customers at scale.

Steel City Marketing offer a personal service, with a dedicated account manager, and free visuals so everything is agreed upon before you order. We’re a 25-year member of the BPMA, with a long-standing history of helping companies with branded merchandise.

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Types of Shopping Bags

Branded shopper bags customised with your logo are both a practical and affordable way to increase your brand awareness and visibility. An extremely popular, versatile giveaway, printed shopping bags will not only expose your brand to those who receive them, but will be seen by others wherever they are worn! Also useful for adding other promotional items into too.

We can offer a wide range of promotional shopping bags and tote bags to suit any marketing campaign, from cost-effective plastic carrier bags, to long-lasting personalised cotton, jute and non-woven bags. We also have eco-friendly alternatives, reusable and UK made options as well as folding personalised shopper bags - a neat way to keep your brand within easy reach!

Promotional Carrier Bags

Printed carrier bags customised with your corporate branding and marketing message are an enduringly popular promotional gift. An affordable, light weight giveaway at conferences and events and the perfect container for other promotional goodies. Our range of promotional carrier shopper bags include paper, plastic bags, biodegradable and recycled options, all of which have large print areas to really showcase your branding. Express delivery can also be offered on a large selection of our promotional carrier bags.

You can browse our full range of carrier bags here.

Custom Branded Cotton Bags

A firm promotional favourite, a cotton bag is a durable and inexpensive branded gift that can be used time and time again. Reusable and recyclable, promotional cotton tote bags will give your brand increased publicity whilst helping to reduce the need for single-use bags.

They come in a variety of cotton weights starting with a lightweight 3oz up to a thicker 7oz. Supplied in either their natural undyed shade or you can chose from a broad selection of stocked colours. A huge advantage of the promotional cotton shopping bag is the large print area to use, from one to two sides to full coverage, with a one colour print, up to a full digital print for maximum impact. Express delivery can also be offered on a large selection of our cotton shopper bags.

We also stock canvas tote bags.

Promotional Jute Shopper Bags

If you are looking for a way to show your company’s green credentials, branded jute bags are the perfect promotional product. The ideal eco-friendly promotional option, jute shoppers are available in small, standard and larger sizes and with their durable nature, are bound to be used multiple times. A more luxury shopper, jute shopping bags can be supplied natural or dyed with colour contrasting gusset and handle options.

Browse our full collection of jute shopping bags here.

Best Shopping Bags

  • The Best Budget Promotional Shopper Bag: ‘Market Shopper’ - starting from just 0.79 per bag, the market shopper is an extremely cost-effective promotional shopper. With 8 stocked shades to choose from, featuring long handles and available on an express service – the Market Shopper is a great choice.
  • Our Best Selling Promotional Shopper Bag: ‘Natural 5oz Cotton Shopper’ – good quality, reusable and eco-friendly, this natural cotton shopper is a top seller.
  • Our Favourite Eco-friendly Promotional Shopper Bag: ‘Natural Tote Bag’ – Made from recyclable cotton and made in the UK, we love this versatile eco-friendly shopper. It can be printed in full colour too.
  • The Most Useful Promotional Shopper Bag: ‘Foldable Shopper’ – a very practical promotional tote bag which can be folded into a corner pouch, making it a handy, easily stored business gift.
  • Best Express Delivery Promotional Shopper Bag: ‘Big Shopper‘ – In just 3 days this large multi-purpose shopper could be yours when opting for our express delivery service. The Big Shopper is both washable and reusable, with a Velcro fastening and offers 6 stocked colours to select from.


Q: Why should I use shopping bags for my marketing?

A: Shopping bags printed with your logo are an affordable way to get your branding noticed. They are the ideal business gift to give away at trade shows, events, exhibitions and conferences: a useful item to carry freebies and event literature in whilst getting your marketing message in front of a wide audience. Customised shopper bags are also perfect in retail environments, making sure your company is seen as professional and remembered, with high-quality screen printing for your graphics/company logo.

Promotional tote bags are both practical and durable, meaning they will be used time and time again. This increases the opportunities for your brand to be seen and advertised not only by the user but those who pass by too. There are many environmentally friendly options available to you, which in turn will help to reduce the wastage of single-use carriers.

We have a huge selection of personalised shopper bags, made with an assortment of materials, in a range of shades and sizes. From plastic carrier bags to bags for life, we can guide you to the most appropriate promotional shopper bag for your business needs and requirements.

Q: Where can I use shopping bags?

A: Printed shopping bags can fundamentally be used in any situation where items need to be carried: at the supermarket, whilst shopping, as a giveaway at events (and can be filled with other goodies) or as saleable merchandise.

Q: Can you send me a sample before I decide to order?

A: Yes, we are happy to provide you with an unbranded sample prior to ordering to ensure you are happy with the product. Please note, that whilst we will do our best to send samples free of charge, depending on the product there may be a small cost for the sample, which we can discuss with you. Please contact the team on 0114 275 4150 or email: [email protected] to organise your sample. Please note, we do reserve the right to refuse a sample request, which is at our discretion.

Q: What materials are your shopping bags made from?

A: We have a large range of personalised shopper bags made from a variety of materials including paper, cotton, jute, polyester, polythene and polypropylene. If you are looking to support an eco-conscious business message, we have promo shopping bags made from recycled, recyclable, sustainable and natural materials. Just click on the ‘eco-friendly’ leaf icon on the left-hand side ‘Features’ filter menu to see all the eco options.

Q: What different styles of shopping bags are there?

A: We have a number of shopping bags printed with your logo, including carrier bags, tote bags, canvas bags (slightly thicker material), jute shoppers (also known as bags for life - environmentally friendly alternatives to plastic), natural, and coloured bags.

Q: What colours do your shopping bags come in?

A: We have a wide range of colours available for most of our promotional shoppers. If you are looking for a specific colour, you can filter by colour using the left-hand side filter menu or the colours available will be listed in the ‘description’ tab on each individual product page.

Q: How fast can you deliver shopping bags? 

A: If you are in a rush for your promo tote bags, we have a number of options that can be delivered on an express service. We offer both a 3 day and 5 day express delivery. Simply click on the ‘express delivery’ icons under ‘Features’ on the left-hand side filter menu to see options. Alternatively, contact the team directly as there may be other ideas we can offer you that may not be listed on the website. Call us on 0114 275 4150, email [email protected] or use our contact us form.

Q: Can you price match? 

A: We always strive to match or beat any competitor quotes. Just send your alternative quote to us and providing the quote is with a comparable product, we can look to match or better it.

Q: Is there a minimum amount that I have to order?

A: Yes we do have minimum order quantities on our promotional shoppers. You can see the MOQ on the price tab on each product page listing. The minimum amount will be listed first.

Q: Do the prices quoted on your website include set up and delivery charges?

A: Our product prices shown do not include set up or delivery charges. The prices shown are for a one colour print in one position/ item. To receive this information, just click on express quote on the product page and we will quickly respond to you with a full itemised quote.


Debbie Hardy | Account Manager

With over 18 years of experience helping and advising customers, Debbie is known for her attention to detail, friendly manner and delivering excellent customer service. Debbie began working for Steel City in 2008 and has been involved with both the production and sales departments of the business. With a wealth of hands-on knowledge, Debbie is in the best position to advise our clients with promotional products that suit their marketing message, budget and time frame.

When not at work, Debbie is known for her DIY skills, having completely renovated her brother’s house, as well as enjoying walks with her husband.

Linkedin | Email: [email protected]

You can meet the rest of the team here.

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