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Branded lanyards and badge holders personalised with your company logo. Perfect for events, conferences, exhibitions, trade shows, ID cards, corporate and staff lanyards.

High-quality full-colour logo printed lanyards, shipped nationwide.

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Types of Promotional Lanyards

Lanyards are a key part of many businesses and jobs, allowing wearers to keep track of important items like keys, key cards, ID badges and security passes, and more. By using promotional lanyards, you not only increase the look of professionalism in those who wear them, you also increase brand awareness and a sense of teamwork around the office or site.

We offer a broad range of promotional lanyards, from full-colour options to fast-dispatch ones for super-quick turnarounds. We even have lanyards with USBs built into them for on-hand storage of needed data.

Great as Branded Security Passes or Exhibition Lanyards

Security is often important, not just from the standpoint of keeping company and customer data protected, but also from that of keeping staff and visitors safe while in your building or site. Our bespoke lanyards for security passes and staff ID are a great way to increase confidence and effectiveness in your security and safety efforts. They might even help to increase your success if a liability case is ever brought against you – you can show due diligence in the effort to keep your site and visitors safe and secure.

The power of this little item lies in its visibility. Unlike a card that sits in a pocket, out of sight until presented, the lanyard system keeps the ID visible at all times. There is no need to stop and ask for credentials to pass by; they are always on display. It can also help to display employee or visitor names, which can reduce awkward social situations if someone isn’t great at remembering names or positions within the company.

Excellent for Corporate or Staff ID Lanyards

Lanyards with your company logo printed on them will increase the speed and ease with which your authorised people can move around within your company or worksite. They are easy to wear, difficult to misplace, and function easily.

The very presence of a lanyard system will discourage unauthorised persons from your site, and will build a sense of teamwork and unity among those who work there. From as little as 35p per coloured lanyard, you can increase security and safety, build up team morale, and increase your brand awareness – all in one useful promotional product.

Not only useful for your business, handing our branded lanyards at industry conferences or networking events can get your logo into the heart of your customers’ companies and awareness as well. Putting on an event yourself? Replace any potential awkwardness with confidence, as your guests can clearly see the names and positions of your employees at a glance. Hand them out to guests and give you and your staff the same ease of recognition too.

School Lanyards for Security & Confidence

Security and unity within a school are big issues these days, and something as simple as a branded lanyard can go a long way in fulfilling both of these goals. Especially for older children, wearing a lanyard to show that they belong on school grounds is a great way to keep everyone safe and secure. It also gives students the pride and security of belonging to the school, even if they are new to that place or level.

In larger schools, security or ID lanyards can be used to distinguish year groups, staff and administration, parent and other visitors, hall passes, and even medical concerns such as allergies or special health needs.

Some school events also benefit from the use of branded lanyards. From prom festivities (which are becoming more popular in the UK), to science fairs, fetes, field trips and open days, the use of school-branded lanyards can save the school, staff and parents from a lot of risk and worry. Security and safety are important, and these items are a simple way to increase the efficacy of both.

Express 5 Day Delivery on Company Lanyards

We can even do very quick turnaround on some products, in case you need a promotional item in a hurry. Use the express delivery filter on this page to find products we can get to you fast.

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