Festival Goers

It is no secret the the UK love a festival. In fact in 2019, over a quarter (26%) of UK adults attended a music festival. Whether it is a celebration of music, food, literacy, or art (to name a few), there are a magnitude of different local and national festivals to attend and get your brand seen at. This year in particular is set to be a booming year, with restrictions completely lifted and festival goers eager to make up for missed time.

10 Festival Merchandise Ideas

1. Recycled Whistle

One thing is for sure, when it comes to a festival there is no denying it that they are noisy. Amplify the noise and encourage people to let their hair down with these branded whistles! They are made in the UK from recycled plastic and fully recyclable – so they tick all the sustainable boxes too.

Recycled Whistle

2. Bubbles

Another low cost yet bound to make an impact are these branded bottles of bubbles. Bring out the inner child and have some fun!

Branded bubbles

3. Energy Drinks

A pick me up is much needed at a festival, after hours of being on our feet. These branded energy drinks would make for a welcomed treat to weary festival goers! They have a full colour personalised eco label and come in a range of flavours.

Branded Energy Drink

4. Eye Mask

There is nothing worse than waking up too early after a late night, in a tent of blazing sunlight. Rectify that issue with one of these branded eye masks! Team with a pair of branded ear plugs and blanket to ensure a great night sleep!

Branded Eye Mask

5. Powerbank

Being without your phone at a festival is not ideal, especially if you get lost and need to contact friends, or want to capture the moment with a photo or video! A branded powerbank is the perfect solution. They are small, handy and come in a huge range of styles, colours and sizes.


6. Tissues and Wet Wipes

Essentials for festivals, but they are often forgotten! Small packs of branded tissues or wet wipes are easy and light to transport as well as cost effective. Branded Wet Wipes

7. Foldable Fan

For hot summer festivals, in the midst of a bustling crowd of people, you will do anything for a breeze of fresh air! Welcome to the foldable fan! It may be old school but ‘if it ain’t broken, don’t fix it’! Plus your potential customers will be very pleased with you for giving it to them!

Foldable branded fan

8. Poncho

UK festivals can often be wet, or have wet showers even in the midst of summer. Be the lifesaver in a storm by offering a waterproof poncho in branded packaging.  Colour co-ordinate with your brand colour and the word will spread quickly about your super hero credentials!

Branded Poncho

9. Hat/Cap

A popular piece of festival clothing is a branded hat/cap. Not too bulky and very useful to protect festival goers against strong sunrays when shade is not easily accessible. Plus, the ideal way to cover up messy festival hair!

Branded peaked visor

10. Summer Gift Pack

Make a big impression with a selection of summer promotional gifts perfect for a festival. This pack contains branded sunglasses, drawstring bag, reusable water bottle and engraved keyring. This could be a very special pre-festival gift to encourage VIPs to sign up or as a reward for signing up to a service plan or purchasing a big ticket item at a festival stand.

Branded Mail Box - Summer Pack

Why invest in festival merchandise?

Raise brand awareness

The number one reason to invest in festival merchandise is to maximise your brand reach and engagement. With such a huge audience of potential clients in one place at one time, getting your brand out there is an opportunity not to be missed! By offering or selling festival merchandise with your brand logo on and a call to action, those potential clients are likely to remember your company well after the event itself. What’s more, you will be aligning your brand with good vibes and great memories of what is for many people a highlight of their year.

Increase your earnings

Organising a festival or festival event is expensive. One way to compensate the cost of the event itself is by selling merchandise with the festival logo on. Equally, if you have a stand at a festival to promote your product or service, by selling merchandise with a genuine use for a festival (like sun cream, sunglasses or hang over kits), you can help to recover your costs.

Promotional Sun Ray Mirror Sunglasses


Again, for those putting on a festival, branded wristbands or lanyards are essential identifiers which can be offered to customers who have been checked in to the event. They act as an instant visual aid for festival security and will ensure a smooth, successful event. It is now possible to choose eco-friendly wristbands and lanyards too, made with recycled PET and branded up with your artwork and logo.

rPET Festival Wristband

What is the draw of merchandise at festivals?

We like a souvenir

Having a souvenir from a festival is a great way to remember and look back at the great memories made. Many souvenirs become collectable and are bought year after year.  Think wristbands, badges, keyrings and magnets, right up to wearable items like t-shirts, hats and hoodies – there are so many souvenir style merchandise options to choose from.

Fruit of the Loom Ringer T-Shirt

To be part of something bigger

As humans we tend to want to be part of a collective, and belong to a group of people with similar interests and values. By owning a piece of festival merchandise and having it on display, whether on our person or by broadcasting it on our social media, we are able to easily identify and connect with others who also experienced the event.

It can be a life saver

Another more practical reason for the popularity of festival merchandise is that when given out at the opportune moment, they can be extremely useful. Giveaways like mints, ponchos, sunglasses, hand sanitisers, blankets, heat pads, toothbrushes, eye masks (the list goes on and on!) will not only make our lives easier and more comfortable at a festival but could be life savers!

Click Mint Tin

How to make the most our of your festival merchandise

Maximise the impact of your stand

Whether you have a merchandise stand or are promoting your product/service, making sure your space is clean, inviting and professional is a must to create the right impression. Promotional display banners, flags and tablecloths will help to bring together a cohesive brand image. Dedicated photo backdrops with printed hashtags are a good way to encourage people onto your stand so they can take photos and share with the world on social media. Creating specific areas for merchandise will help potential customers to get an instant impression of what you have on offer. Let’s face it, there are plenty of stands to peruse and we only have a limited attention span! If a stand is too confusing, people tend to switch off and move on.

Draw in the crowds with a freebie

One way to make sure the crowds flock to your stand, is by offering a free gift. Have your sales people get out there with the festival goers, and spread the word about what’s on offer if they visit your stand! Freebies don’t need to cost the earth either, something as simple as a pack of branded sweets, a bottle of water, energy drinks or bottle opener keyrings/no touch hygiene keyrings can be the difference between clinching that initial conversation or not. You could also offer a freebie as an incentive if they were to buy a higher valued item such as festival clothing or a branded gadget.

Bottle Opener Key Ring

Make sure you stand out

A question we often get asked is can you source me something quirky, an unusual promotional gift. With an occassion like a festival, it is the perfect canvas to get creative and have some fun with your merchandise! Depending on your branding and budget, you could really go to town with a giveaway and your marketing message, and get everyone talking. Fun and nostalgic items like whistles, fans, bubbles, face paints, tubs of ice cream or spoon/forks could be just the trick to draw in all of those potential customers.

Antimicrobial Fork Knife & Spoon Combi

Have a variety of merchandise

If you are selling merchandise at a festival, make sure you don’t alienate or put anyone off by offering a range of merchandise at different price points. Lower cost items like lip balms and ear plugs can be displayed at the front of your stand so passers by aren’t intimidated. You can then offer mid priced merchandise like flip flops, reusable drinkware and powerbanks right up to gift packs, Bluetooth speakers and the mandatory festival t-shirt or hoodie!

If you are still in need of festival merchandise ideas, please get in touch with our experienced team of promotional product experts.

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