Welcome packs are an increasingly popular way to inject your company culture into an onboarding experience for new employees. Also known as onboarding packs, welcome kits and welcome boxes, these packs are full of essential items and fun gifts!

A well-thought out welcome pack will have useful items which instantly make your new starter feel valued, part of the team and comfortable in their new environment, as well as excited to start! Welcome packs can also act as a good ice breaker with fellow colleagues and gives the new employee something to focus on whilst waiting for any onboarding meetings.

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Why invest in a welcome pack?

  1. It can be a great tool to reflect your company culture
  2. They will energise and improve your onboarding experience
  3. New employees will feel instantly appreciated and part of the group
  4. Inspire and create excitement and energy to get started in their new role
  5. A good icebreaker with fellow colleagues
  6. Useful information can be included to help new starters quickly get up to speed

welcome pack for new employees

When should a welcome pack be given?

There are many points at which you can introduce a welcome pack for new employees. Send before their first day to show them that you are excited about them starting or surprise them with a welcome pack on their first day at their desk. You could even wait a few weeks and after getting to know them, so as to gather items together which reflects their personality and interests.

Whenever you decide to offer your onboarding welcome pack, for it to be successful, it requires some thought as to what are the essentials that should be included as well as what fun gifts will embody your company culture.

What should be included in a new employee welcome pack?

1. Important information

A welcome pack can be a great tool to share with your new starter all the essential information about your company so they don’t need to ask. You could include:

  • Company mission and vision/employee handbook
  • HR forms e.g. employee contract, benefits, company policies
  • Agenda for their first day and month – what to expect
  • Office map with team names/parking instructions
  • Employee directory with contact details
  • Log in details
  • Local guide to cafes, restaurants, parks, gyms etc.

2. Practical items

Useful items that will help your new employee on a day-to-day basis could include:

  • Any IT hardware e.g. laptop/tablet, mouse, USB Stick
  • Any software manuals or computer set up guides
  • ID badge and lanyard
  • Keys or keyfobs
  • Notebooks, pens and pencils
  • Desk pads, sticky notes, desk tidies
  • Mousepads, coasters, mugs
  • Protective items such as face coverings and hand sanitiser

3. Branded items

To make a great first impression, include customised items in your welcome pack. They will not only make them feel appreciated, but also reinforce your brand culture and the value it places in employees! You could offer:

  • A personalised welcome letter or card
  • Business cards
  • Nameplate
  • Personalised branded gifts

4. Personalised branded gifts

Go the extra mile by including customised branded gifts with your new starters name in your welcome pack! Personalised gifts are also a popular choice due to reducing the spread of germs in an office and to make the receiver feel protected. Some examples of personalised gifts to include are:

  • Personalised drinks bottles
  • Personalised travel mugs
  • Personalised mugs
  • T-shirt, hoodie or sweatshirt branded with the company logo and their name
  • Personalised pens
  • Personalised notebooks
  • Personalised keyrings (we’ve included the hygiene hook keyring in the below example)Personalised welcome pack for new employees

Welcome Pack Examples

Now you have a checklist of what you can include in your welcome pack, be inspired by our below examples!

Ready-made branded welcome packs

If you are struggling for time and don’t want to have to stock items and assemble them yourself, what about a ready made branded gift pack? There are various sizes of packages, from letterbox sizes (ideal for those working remotely) to larger packs to cater for a variety of useful gifts. The example above includes a branded mole notebook, a branded vacuum drinks bottle and branded soft feel ballpoint pen, all neatly packaged in a personalised postage box. Three essential items to ease in your new starter into their new work life.

These branded welcome packs can also be sent to individual addresses on your behalf for those onboarding staff remotely. For more information on our branded gift packs – get in touch with our team and we can suggest the perfect pack for you!

New employees Welcome Pack

Remote working welcome packs

Onboarding a new employee remotely and making sure they buy in to your company culture can be challenging. One way to make a genuine connection with your new starter and provide a great first impression is with a welcome pack. By providing them with useful essentials to make working from home more comfortable, you will go a long way to helping them have a successful start! Gadgets such as cable adaptors, wireless chargers, headphones/speakers and webcam covers are all good bets. See below an example welcome pack which is letterbox friendly and includes all your essential work from home branded gadgets.

See our blog on Branded Gift Ideas For Working From Home for more ideas.

Technology welcome pack

Budget welcome packs

If you still want to welcome your new starter with a welcome pack but don’t have a massive budget, there are still plenty of options for you! Even a couple of gifts with your brand on will not only help new employees express their pride in their new role, but boost your brand in the process! Branded keyrings, hand sanitisers, stationery, coasters, sweets, stickers and badges, and lanyards can all be sourced at budget friendly prices and included into a welcome pack.

budget welcome pack

Seasonal welcome packs

Are you welcoming staff at a particular time of year and want to offer them promotional gifts that suit the season? We can provide you with summer packs which include sun glasses, water bottle, bottle opener keyring and a drawstring bag. Or we have winter packs containing a ice scraper, travel mug, torch and smart gloves.

Branded Mail Box - Summer Pack

Branded Mail Box - Winter

If you would like some more welcome pack ideas, our expert team would love the opportunity to chat with you. Contact us now.

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