We have been lucky enough to be able to welcome two new employees to Steel City – Tom and Dan in the last couple of months. Along with a welcome gift (a Steel City branded vacuum flask) and being taken out for a coffee with James our MD, it got us thinking as to how other companies may introduce and make new employees feel comfortable in the workplace.

Tim Elgar – Head of Culture and Leadership at Twinkl Ltd

One person immediately sprang to mind.  James first heard Tim Elgar, Head of Culture and Leadership at Twinkl Ltd speak about the part culture plays in their company a few months back and was left very inspired.  Tim had simple yet aspiring ideas that could be applied to businesses of any size and introduced to both start up or long established businesses. The Twinkl story is truly an incredible one.  So we were thrilled when Tim agreed to share his thoughts on how to welcome a new employee to the team. Here are his top 5 creative ideas:

  1. Welcome message pre-first day – Before they start send them a personal pre-recorded welcome message.  It can be a quick 30 seconds filmed on a phone from the Head of Department or from the individuals team or line report. Let them know you are looking forward to them starting and welcoming them to the team.  Additionally, at Twinkl we have a pre-recorded welcome message from the CEO that is sent to all new starters.
  2. Team breakfast  – Getting to know each other on a personal level is an important part of settling in. Why not have breakfast together as a team and throw in a get to know each other icebreaker?  This is a good first week activity.
  3. Have a getting to know you lunch with the CEO – Do this every few months with all the new starters in this period. Its great for the leadership to show an interest in each new starter and for them to share a little of their own and the company’s journey.
  4. Random act of kindness – People generally love a gift. But rather than (or as well as) the day one goodie bag – why not give them a personal gift after their first week and you have got to know something about them.  They are not expecting it and it will exceed their expectations.

We thought we would give this idea a go – here is Dan receiving a branded Steel City polo shirt and Stojo travel mug!

  1. Well-being chats – 2 weeks after the new team member has started, give them the chance to speak to someone (who is objective) about how they are settling in. At Twinkl we have the luxury of a well-being coordinator. However this could be someone from a different team, or the last ‘new team member’.

So there you have it – 5 creative ways to welcome your new recruits. If you are looking for any ideas as to what branded gifts to put in that welcome pack or you are trying to source the perfect branded gift for your staff, why not call our team on 0114 275 4150 or email us.

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