Are you planning to exhibit at any Freshers’ events this autumn? Or perhaps you want to advertise your services or products to students during Freshers’ week? Student lettings, taxi firms, bars, cafes and restaurants are but a few types of company which may benefit from getting involved with Freshers week.

We all know one thing students love, and that is freebies! We have put together a selection of 11 useful, trendy branded goodies below that would be perfect for the Generation Z audience and will ensure your company is their first port of call.

There are numerous promotional giveaways to consider if the above don’t quite fit your branding or message. We are happy to guide you through product ideas and solutions which will be relevant and suitable for your company and marketing campaign.

If you would like more details on the above products or would like to discuss your branded merchandise strategy, please call us on 0114 275 4150 or email us.

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