It’s fair to say that it has been a challenging time both for our mental and physical health. In fact expectations are that following Covid-19, as many as 500,000 additional people in the UK are experiencing mental health problems, with depression being the most common. Looking after our own, our staff and even our customers wellbeing must therefore be a top consideration for any business.

stressed woman at work

But how can we start to address this?

Studies have shown that something as simple as kindness can have real benefits for our mental health and wellbeing. Being kind to others and when others are kind to us has been linked to increased feelings of happiness and life satisfaction for all ages. Providing emotional or practical support and treating others with honesty and generosity are just some of the ways we can do this.

The act of giving is an easy and effective way to demonstrate generosity and kindness to others. It will also make you feel better too! So, here we have our best wellbeing and mental health promotional products for you, from stress balls, eye masks and mental health care kits to PPE gift packs and fitness items. Whether you want to spread kindness to your team, customers or supporters, we are certain there will be a gift for you and if you can’t see anything that inspires you below, we are only at the end of the phone or email and will endeavour to find you the perfect mental health promotional product.

Wellbeing and Mental Health Promotional Products

PPE Gift Packs

In the current climate, anxiety is rife and we are all trying hard not to spread germs. Therefore, you may want to consider our PPE range of gift packs which include a number of antibacterial products, face coverings and hand sanitisers to put the minds of those who receive it at rest. Each pack can be branded with your logo an call to action. We also offer all of these items separately or can create bespoke packs to suit your campaign.

Promotional Mental Health Care Kit

If you are looking for a retail style, all in one gift set which addresses mental health then look no further. We have this handy ring pull can which contains a sleep mask, 50ml bubble bath, ear plugs, 10ml natural sleep balm and 10ml relaxation pulse point oil. The label on the tin can be branded in full colour to really make your branding shine. Plus it comes with a replaceable plastic lid to be used again and again!

Mental Health Promotional Product Kit

Promotional Desk Plants

Looking after a plant has been proven to increase happiness levels. We have a number of different types of promotional desk plants and grow your own seed packets which can showcase your brands logo and marketing message. (You can even get grow your own Christmas tree plants which could work well for a Christmas campaign!)Branded Seedsticks

Promotional Drinkware

Keeping hydrated is basic but essential to keep our bodies and minds healthy! Promotional drinkware is such a valuable item to have whether you are at a desk, around the house, doing exercise or on the go. As well as promoting the message of keeping hydrated and healthy, your brand will be seen wherever the bottle goes! We have a huge array of styles of drinkware from sports bottles, thermal flasks and travel mugs.

Promotional Gifts To Help Keep Active

Keeping active and physically healthy goes a long way to make us feel better mentally. Branded gifts that help your team or customers to keep active could help motivate them and help to ease stress. We have Branded pedometers, sports clothing, sports balls, sports bags, hi-visibility items and even branded beanies to help keep warm when exercising outside. You could even have a friendly competition either with your team or with your customers to encourage and motivate each other to get moving!

Promotional Items That Pamper

One way to help relieve anxiety and promote mental wellness is with products that pamper. Branded eye masks, manicure sets, mint and lip balm sets, and wellness slippers are all branded gift ideas that could help to make the receiver feel relaxed. They say a little bit of what you like does you good, so an indulgent gift like a branded hamper full of tasty treats, chocolates or a bottle of bubbly could be the perfect way to pamper your team or clients.

Promotional Eye Masks

Items To Relieve Stress

Feeling on top of our work and being organised is a great way to start to feel more in control. Desktop organisational items like desk tidies, office sets conference folders, cable tidies and pencil cases can all help with this and will put your branding right in front of those who are using it. Similarly, notebooks, doodle colouring books, diaries and calendars are all items that can be branded and will help with putting thoughts and plans to paper. Finally, let’s not forget the faithful promotional stress balls – a staple for any desk!

Wellbeing and Mental Health Tips

Following on from our #40x4challenge, we are currently sharing all of our wellness tips and nuggets of advice that were offered by the wellbeing and health experts that got involved. You can see them by following us on the below social media channels. We would love it if you join the conversation and share any tips you have too.





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