It’s fair to say that it has been a challenging few years both for our mental and physical health. In fact following Covid-19, it has been forecast that as many as 8.5 million adults in England will need support for their mental health as a direct result of the pandemic over the next three to five years.  Looking after our own health as well as our staff and even our customers wellbeing must therefore be a top consideration for any business.

But how can we start to address this?

Studies have shown that something as simple as kindness can have real benefits for our mental health and wellbeing. Being kind to others and when others are kind to us has been linked to increased feelings of happiness and life satisfaction for all ages. Providing emotional or practical support and treating others with honesty and generosity are just some of the ways we can do this.

The act of giving is an easy and effective way to demonstrate generosity and kindness to others. It will make you feel better too!

Combine the act of giving with promotional products that will alleviate stress and promote wellbeing, and you will not only be helping your target audience, but will also be engaging and building brand awareness. Whoever your audience is and whether you are specifically organising a wellbeing marketing drive or just want to spread a little kindness, we are certain there will be a branded gift to support your project.

Below, we have put together a number of ideas of ways to help wellbeing and mental health, and promotional gifts to suit. From mental health gift packs and pamper sets to stress balls and fitness items, there is something for every campaign. If you can’t see anything that inspires you below, please contact us and will endeavour to find you the perfect mental health promotional product.

Ways to help wellbeing and mental health

Encourage a good night sleep

Many people struggle with a sleep. The quality and amount of sleep we get has such a big impact on our energy, mental and emotional health. Promoting switching off and getting a good night sleep could be a great way to connect with your team and customers and to show them you are thinking of their health. We have a number of sleep aid products that can be branded with your company logo. From sleep balm, roll on pulse point and pillow spray; all can be purchased individually or presented in gift packs.

Eco Box Wellbeing Kit

Our 2 piece relaxing set (8ml pillow spray & Pulse Point) is an easy to post and would make for a different, useful, small wellbeing staff or customer giveaway. Why not give these out as a thank you or first order gift with a tagline “have a good night sleep now you have your…” or “Let us take the stress out of…”.  These items can be presented in an eco-box too which provides additional branding potential.

2 Pc Relaxing Branded Set

Give them a reason to have a break

Just taking time out of a hectic day can help to relieve stress and tension. By sending an unexpected gift to your customers, it will not only be beneficial to them, it will also put your brand in their hands and at the top of their minds. Being from Yorkshire, what do we think of when we need a break? Yes you are right – a cup of tea! They do say it is like a warm hug! A mug with your logo on, along with the essentials to make a cup of tea and even a biscuit would be a welcomed gift. Plus the mug and your brand will be seen daily for years to come!

Marrow Branded Mug

Mental Health Kit

If you are looking for a retail style, all in one gift set which addresses mental health then look no further. Our mental health and wellbeing kits can be presented in an eco-friendly brown or white tube or the ‘Handy Can’ – which is a novel, memorable baked bean style tin that is often reused as a pen pot! They even come with a replaceable plastic lid that can be used again and again!

Mental Health Handy Can

These kits could make for a great appreciation gift for staff, or be part of a wellbeing campaign to mark #worldwellbeingweek at the end of June. The branded labels can be re-designed with your own artwork and logo and printed in full colour. Whether you opt for the standard contents or pick and mix products to suit your campaign, all items in the kit can also be branded. The below kit contains: 50ml bubble bath, 10ml relaxation pulse point oil, sleep mask, ear plugs and 10ml natural sleep balm.

Mental Health Branded Kit

Wellness Sets

Like the Mental Health Kits, we can also create wellness sets for you – a mixture of branded pamper items, presented in a reusable clear PVC White tri bag. The sets include pamper essentials you may need for an over night stay or just to have on hand to make you feel better: lip balm, hand cream, hand sanitiser, tissues, wet wipe and a roll of tasty sweets. If you want an eco options, we can offer a set containing a soap, an emery board, nail brush and soap pouch all in a small cotton pouch. Again, these sets could be a thoughtful thank you gift, part of a de-stress campaign or even given to new mums.

Wellness Branded Set Eco Wellbeing Pouch

Relieve anxiety by staying protected

Following the Pandemic, being aware of our health has become more important and at the forefront of many peoples minds. A thoughtful business gift to your team or customers then, would be a PPE gift pack. Protective products such as hand sanitisers, face coverings and items with an antibacterial finish can be presented in a handy branded gift pack. Each pack can be personalised with your logo and wellbeing message/call to action. We also offer all of these items separately or we can create bespoke packs to suit your campaign.

Increase mindfulness with gardening

Looking after plants and flowers has been proven to increase happiness levels and improve both our mental and physical health. There is a huge range of promotional plants and seeds to send out to your customers or present as a gift to staff. From promotional desk plants to grow your own seed packets and seed paper products, all can showcase your brands logo and marketing message. (You can even get grow your own Christmas tree plants which could work well for a Christmas campaign!)

Promotional Seed Packet

Find out more about Promotional Seeds and Plants here.

Promote hydration

Keeping hydrated is basic but essential to keep our bodies and minds healthy. One way to promote hydration and get people on board is with a snazzy new bottle or flask!  Add indicators and motivational messages on the bottle to encourage them to reach daily water targets!

Promotional drinkware is one of the most useful and appreciated business gifts to receive. What’s more, drinkware will go where the user goes – at a desk, around the house, doing exercise or on the go.  So as well as associating your brand with health and wellbeing, your brand will be seen wherever the bottle goes! We have a huge array of styles of branded drinkware from sports bottles, thermal flasks and travel mugs.

Help to keep active

Keeping active and physically healthy goes a long way to make us feel better mentally. Branded gifts that help your team or customers to exercise could help motivate them and help to ease stress. We have Branded pedometers, sportswear, sports balls, sports bags, hi-visibility items and even branded beanies to help keep warm when exercising outside. You could have a friendly competition either with your team or with your customers to encourage and motivate each other to get moving! Or why not get your team to take part in a charity walk or run – the challenge will not only help to keep them physically healthy, but the act of giving back to a charity, will also help to improve mental health.

Encourage relaxation with a pamper

One way to help relieve anxiety and promote mental wellness is by relaxation and rest. Why not bring the spa to your customer with promotional pamper products? Branded eye masks, hand cream, natural body wash, manicure sets, mints, lip balms, and slippers are all branded gift ideas that could help to make the receiver feel treated and refreshed. Again, we can brand multiple items up and assemble in a gift set, like the wash bag below.

They say a little bit of what you like does you good, so an indulgent gift like a branded hamper full of tasty treats, chocolates or a bottle of bubbly (all can be branded with your logo!) could be the perfect way to pamper your team or customers.

Pamper Promotional Kit

Tidy space, tidy mind

Feeling on top of our work and being organised is a great way to start to feel more in control. Desktop organisational items like desk tidies, office sets conference folders, cable tidies and pencil cases can all help with this and will put your branding right in front of those who are using it. Similarly, notebooks, doodle colouring books, diaries and calendars are all items that can be branded and will help with putting thoughts and plans to paper.

Relieve stress

Finally, let’s not forget fidget toys to help relieve tension and stress. Let’s start with the classic promotional stress ball: a must for any office desk and available in a massive range of shapes; from the standard ball through to bespoke people and icons! As well as stress balls, fidget spinners, cubes and bubble poppers are all alternative stress relievers that can be branded.  A low cost option to hand out at events and exhibitions, or to include in a wellbeing pack to your team or customers.

Read more about branded fidget toys here.

Custom Branded Fidget Spinner Toys

Wellbeing and mental health tips

During our #40x4challenge, we worked with a number of wellbeing and health experts. They shared with us their best tips for a healthy mind and body. If you are interested in hearing them, please get in touch and we would love to share them with you.

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Please note this blog has been updated from the original post in Nov 2020.