As we approach Christmas time, you may be searching for a gift to wow your clients, or a festive corporate giveaway to tie in with the approaching holiday season.

Here at Steel City, we’ve put together a range of ideas below that would make excellent corporate Christmas gifts, both Christmas themed and more professional/standard style giveaways.

They’re excellent for existing and new clients, helping to form lasting relationships and goodwill.

Branding these gifts with your company logo, helps to increase your visibility and brand preference.

Browse our ideas below, or contact us today for a bespoke quote.

1. Formal Christmas Gifts

Executive gifts are a staple when it comes to business Christmas presents. When we say executive we are talking high quality, usually metal engraved gifts that  will instantly show your customer or colleagues how important they are to you. Classics like engraved clocks, bottle openers, cufflinks and keyrings will stand the test of time, and can be presented in retail style gift boxes to really dazzle and delight the receiver. Executive branded gifts are also great to celebrate staff appreciation or for end of year award ceremony prizes.

2. Combination Gift Packs

Fairly new to the promotional industry are off-the-shelf gift packs. This means you can combine a number of branded items in one handy gift pack. The great thing about these branded gift boxes are that they make presentation easy – no more having to source packaging solutions that look professional. There are even Christmas specific packs with seasonal items like baubles to choose from. If you are wanting something more bespoke, we are also able to create your very own promotional pack with custom printed packaging.

3. Useful Gifts (used beyond Christmas)

The humble pen is one of the most useful promotional items, and when it comes to the festive season, your marketing budget may allow for an extra special one. You could look to invest in skilled craftsmanship with iconic brand name pens like Parker, Waterman and Sheaffer. Or embrace sustainability and innovative design with pens from the likes of Prodir and Senator. Either way, a high quality, durable pen will certainly pack a punch and be used time and time again.

Waterman Embleme Rollerpen

Another useful branded item that will be used well beyond Christmas is a backpack. As long as you make sure the branding is subtle and wearable, a backpack or sports bag can be used in a number of circumstances – to carry essentials to the office, for day trips away and for taking your kit to the gym.

600D Polyester Backpack

Diaries and calendars are also a timeless choice when it comes to a branded item that will be useful throughout the year. Desktop calendars are the perfect pick for those at a desk, with their eyes on your brand on a daily basis. A classic leather or Vegan leather diary that can be put into a handbag or business bag is an ideal item for those who need to keep on top of their daily schedule. By adding a deboss or foil logo, your company will be associated with quality and be within hands reach when your services or products are needed throughout the year.Mini Eco Desk Calendar

Face coverings and hand sanitisers are still essential items for many companies and to have close to hand when out at events or in the public domain. Why not add a festive design to a face covering or hand sanitiser to liven up the winter months?

4. Gadgets & Useful Tech

Nothing says innovation like new technology. With the ability to brand items like light up powerbanks and wireless chargers, you can give your clients and team something that really wows them this Christmas. Innovative new materials such as wheat-straw and cork are now an option to choose from, and are a great way to promote your companies green credentials. Promotional gadgets are also something that will be kept, with a highly perceived value associated with them.

5. Edible Gifts

It is pretty unanimous that chocolate makes people happy, so why not release those happy endorphins with your brand associated with it?! There are options to suit any budget, from nets of chocolate coins right up to boxes of truffles and even hampers full of chocolate delights.

Lindor Mini Cracker

6. Fun Gifts

Christmas jumpers have become a wardrobe must when it comes to the festive season. With the rise of German markets, it has almost become a ritual to don a jolly or novelty jumper! There is even a national day dedicated to wearing a Christmas jumper to raise money for Save the Children (December 11th 2021 if you are interested!). Excitingly, we are now able to offer custom knitted jumpers with your own company design. The minimum order quantity may be only accessible for larger firms (500 units) however, there are also a large selection of off-the-shelf Christmas jumpers to choose from too.

Promotional Christmas Jumpers

The occassion most employees look forward to at this time of year is the office Christmas party! An excuse to let your hair and guard down and get to know other colleagues. With many companies missing out last year, this year is set to be more of a celebration. Anything from balloons, party poppers, glassware, wine and beer and even personalised card masks can be branded to make your party go down with a blast!

Card Mask

Marketing in the run up to Christmas

Promotional gifts can also be a good marketing tool to employ on the run up to Christmas. Items such as branded advent calendars, branded baubles, Christmas cards, or seasonal confectionery can be used to raise brand awareness and create a nice touch point with clients. Winter accessories like ice scrapers, hand warmers and gloves are also a common choice of branded gift to spread a bit of cheer during the colder months of the year.

Why give your customers gifts at Christmas?

Christmas is a time to show your appreciation to those who you care about and value. In fact, as humans we are hard-wired to respond when we receive a gift, to reach out and say thank you –and it is the same in the corporate world.  Giving well thought out, useful and meaningful corporate Christmas branded gifts to your clients is an extremely effective way to nurture and retain relationships.

Let’s face it, there is more choice than ever available for your clients at a touch of a button, and even if you do have excellent service and a brilliant product, it is often not enough.  Sometimes overlooked as a marketing tactic, a personal business gift will surprise and delight your target market. Particularly after an isolated and virtual Christmas last year, this year is an opportunity to really engage and build trust with your customers and colleagues. By sending a tangible gift with your branding on, you can encourage a more personal, tactile presence and a closeness that just can’t be replicated digitally.

BPMA Branded Gift Appreciation Statistic

Business gifts are also a great tool to motivate and encourage morale in a team.  By giving a corporate promotional product to your team this Christmas, not only will they feel appreciated but if they really buy into the brand, they can endorse the company and become brand advocates. Just think how many times you tell friends and family about a free gift you have received and really valued…

What marketing tactics do you use at Christmas?

You may normally send out a corporate Christmas card or simply email or call your clients with a well wish.  Or maybe it is at the bottom of your ‘to do’ list’ and a last-minute bottle of wine or box of chocolates has to do. However, by taking time to choose useful, meaningful branded gifts, you are much more likely to have a genuine exchange and enhance your business relationships. Don’t take our word for it, see below some stats from the industry professional body, the BPMA.

Corporate Branded Gifts BPMA Statistics

It is never too early to start to plan your Christmas marketing.

Whether you are planning to reward your team or loyal customers or are running a Christmas competition or event, by starting to plan early you can avoid any last-minute stresses. By taking the time to choose a corporate gift that reflects your brand image and message, your clients will value and remember you for a long time to come. It is also important to remember that there is a lot of demand for branded gifts during the Christmas season, and so by getting your order in early, you can rest assured you won’t run into any stock or delivery issues.

Choosing the perfect branded item can be tricky and sometimes arduous, but don’t feel overwhelmed.  If you are struggling to think of a creative item that will really engage with your clients, why not talk to one of our team who will be happy to share their experiences of what could be a real success this Christmas. To start sparking ideas, we have put together 6 angles to think about below.

We hope these ideas for your next corporate Christmas gift has helped you to think about your marketing campaign this year. If you would like any help choosing your Christmas promotional product, why not contact us, we would be happy to help.

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Please note this blog has been updated from original post in September 2020.