Each month one of the team will be bringing you their top three promotional products for that month. For April it’s Rachel’s turn…

Rachel New

Rachel’s Promotional Marketing Tip:

“Exchanging business cards is an excellent way to share contact details with a potential prospect and create a great first impression.  To add a further personal touch, why not include a small branded product for extra lasting impact. Key rings are always a winner!”

Rachel’s Top 3 Promotional Product Picks for April…

1. Neiva Pedometer

You can’t beat some Pokemon Go for a bit of exercise.  Although the pedometer won’t help you catch the little creatures with a ghost buster style proton pack, it’s a great way to count the steps you’ve walked as well as monitoring how many calories you’ve burned. Now where are those Easter eggs?!

2. Logobugs

You are never too old for a logobug or two, or three; my desk is evidence of that!  They come in a range of pom pom and feet colours to suit your campaign themes. It’s true – Logobugs are less likely to be thrown away keeping your message in view for longer. These are always a hit at conferences and exhibitions for an easy, low cost giveaway.

Logo Bug

3. Pokkit Duo USB Charger

Is it just me or does everyone’s phone and tablet run out of battery at the same time and just when you need them most? But it’s alright because we all have a spare charger right – except the spare seems to disappear into thin air or we didn’t see the need to pack one.

Well I have the product for you.  The Pokkit is the plug with 2 USB ports for simultaneously charging your devices and it is also the thinnest plug on the market at only 18mm! The sleek plug folds flat for travel ensuring your other devices won’t get scratched.  Have a look at the Pokkit in more detail.

OLD438 Pokkit Duo (blue side)

If you want any more information on these or similar promotional products and would like us to create some visuals using your brand logo, please get in touch and we will be very happy to help! t: 0114 275 4150 e: [email protected]