We invited our customers to put forward their questions to our resident expert James Biggin. Please read the blog for James’ answer, or watch our video below:

This is a really good question and the place to start is with your marketing brief. The questions we would ask are:

  • What are you trying to achieve?
  • Who are you trying to target?
  • And what message are you trying to get across?

Once we have the answers to those questions, we can then put ourselves in the client’s shoes and use our experience to best select some relevant products. Hopefully, the client should be able to narrow the options down to a chosen shortlist.  We can then cost them up and get some samples together. We also have a facility to mock up an item featuring your brand to show how it’s going to look.

Steel city logo mock up

Travel mugs

The items that are useful in people’s day to day life are clearly the ones that are going to get kept, retained and used. Travel mugs for example, are a popular choice in marketing campaigns. As travel mugs are designed to be used on the go, it allows your logo to be seen by far more people than if you were to send out an office mug.

Rio Photo Travel mug

Rio Photo Travel mug


There are some great incentives to use travel mugs at local shops with some offering discounts to fill a travel mug with your hot beverage. More importantly, it prevents the landfill of the disposable cups that the big coffee shops use. This is a quote from a recent article (April 2017) by :



So the travel mug also has great eco-credentials too.


Powerbanks are a really popular item in the branded merchandise world. These provide an additional battery boost to your mobile phone or your tablet when you need it most. It can get you out of trouble when you are looking to make that call, send that email or search for something on-line.

Edge 2000mah Powerbank

Edge 2000mah Powerbank

powerbank is ultimately a battery so it’s unlikely people are just going to dispose of it without due consideration. It can be a subtle branded product that’s kept with the customer at all times, fully charged up, ready for when you need it.

The Notebook

Another great product to consider is that of notebooks. The A5 notebook for example is one of the most popular products out there. When you consider the price of notebooks out in the retail market, the versions that are available in the branded market place are considerably lower cost.


Larkfield A5 Notebook

Larkfield A5 Notebook

Other advantages are that it can be branded in full colour, feature your logo in a prominent position and the colour choice is fantastic. So it’s a product definitely worthy of consideration.


So a normal keyring might look great; it might have the brand and the contact information, but has it got that additional use you are looking for when handing a promotional item out to client or prospective customer? Well the 2-in-1 keyring charging cable has the qualities you just might be looking for.

2 in 1 Charger Image sm

The 2-in-1 Keyring Charging Cable

This can replace any of the cables you travel with for charging your mobile devices. Carry a charged up powerbank with you as well, and you can plug in the 2-in-1 cable to access the back up power to recharge your devices when their batteries run low. At the other end, is a 2-in-1 cable that can go into either an iphone or an android. Here’s a video we prepared earlier.

So in summary, products that are more likely to be kept are the ones that have real use and have real added-value for your audience. Those are the products that are going to achieve that longevity and exposure of your brand.

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