Promotional Tree Growing KitThe Promotional Tree Growing Kit is a branded product that has the ability to fight climate change, reduce pollution and combat deforestation. That may sound a little exaggerated, however more now than ever businesses are considering eco gifts over traditional alternatives in a bid to promote Corporate Social Responsibility and to communicate their green credentials.

The Forest Nation Promotional Tree Growing Kit is a truly unique promotional product that offers tangible benefits to the client, end-user and the general community. For every Tree Growing Kit sold, another tree will be planted in a developing country – Haiti, Malawi, India, Ethiopia, Cameroon, Ghana, Senegal, Uganda, Kenya. Local tree planting partners use local methods to plant local trees, providing a gift for the local populations and helping them to become sustainable. There are no commercial plantations, carbon offsetting or tax credits.

So how does it work? Inside your biodegradable Promotional Tree Growing Kit is everything you need to grow your own tree including 6 to 10 locally selected seeds. Nothing has been overlooked, the kit is 100% biodegradable and compostable from the growing pellet and pot made from renewable natural resources to the corn starch wrapper. Even the instruction booklet is made from recycled paper, naturally.

The tree could be planted in your garden or perhaps somewhere within the local community for instance in the grounds of a local school or as part of a local government program to reduce pollution and noise. There may be an opportunity to work in conjunction with local farmers or on local reforestation projects. The marketing potential is ongoing.

The Promotional Tree Growing Kit is not just a tangible branded product, it is also an interactive corporate gift. The user can register online, using a unique code, where they can add their tree to the map as well as being able to see where the ‘other’ tree is planted.

The potential applications for the Promotional Tree Growing Kit are huge. It can be used as a gift with purchase and sponsorships, for education and fundraising, as a co-branded statement for your company values, to generate leads and to use within loyalty programs.