There has been a lot in the press recently about how easy it is to transfer germs to others via everyday objects or even skin-to-skin contact (shaking hands etc). It is now obligatory to use hand santizers in most medical establishments and these are usually in the gel form, which requires no towels to dry and can be used with a simple squirt. The use therefore of promotional hand sanitizers is becoming a good growth area for use as a business giveaway idea. Most of the promotional hand sanitizers work in the common gel way, and they are usually available in “easy to carry” or “store away” containers with the gel that can be squirted into the hand, then with the usual hand cleansing action the gel will dry naturally. These are easy to use and provide the necessary protection against the transfer of germs on a daily basis. Couple this with the branding that can be added to the container and your promotional hand sanitizers and your corporate identity will be remembered from being used on such a useful giveaway item. There are several choices of promotional hand sanitizers to choose from, all with benefits to the recipient or user. The most popular these days are the desktop hand sanitizer, which is a 50ml pump action spray that can be used to kill germs following daily office activities such as use of phones, keyboards, computer mice or general office contact.  There is also the hand sanitizer on clip or on a reel. Both are ideal when on the move but still requiring the peace of mind to be able to clean hands whenever the user wants.  Other examples are the pocket sized promotional hand sanitizers or a combined 2-in-1 hand sanitizer pen. With obvious links to the medical profession as a giveaway idea, promotional hand sanitizers these days can be used in most business fields. They provide peace of mind where there is large traffic of people, so any office environment, event or exhibition can make good use, and having branding on view can provide a high number of impressions for your company, product or service. Given the price points for promotional hand sanitizers, they are not a low budget high volume giveaway, but can certainly be used for a more targeted marketing campaign. Promotional hand sanitizers would be an ideal event giveaway item, a staff incentive gift or for the smaller items even a small direct mail campaign. With the constant drive at keeping the transfer of germs at a minimum and with unfortunate mention of pandemics at regular intervals , then why not consider promotional hand sanitizers for your next campaign.]]>