With the festive season drawing closer (even if we do not want to acknowledge the fact), now is the perfect time to order promotional advent calendars if this is on your shopping list for client or staff gifts. A uniquely season item, there is usually a narrow window when sales in advent calendars surge and October is certainly the month where this takes place. Promotional advent calendars are available in 2 sizes, A4 or A5, providing the marketing consumer a choice of two price points, whilst still achieving maximum branding and the same product function (i.e. 25 yummy chocolates!) The A5 sized promotional advent calendar is perfect for the desktop, providing a high impact gift that has a short lifetime, but will definitely stand out and be remembered. The A4 version can be wall mounted, giving your branding even more exposure. The branding possibilities are fantastic on promotional advent calendars with the entire external packaging available to take up to a full colour process print. This is ideal for your logo, products and services and contact details. It can also be used as a relationship builder, with “meet the team” photos being used to put faces to the names for your important client base. Given the promotional advent calendars are slim and light, they fit the bill for a number of marketing uses. Staff incentive is one such use, showing your appreciation for their hard work throughout the year whilst reinforcing your strong brand. A direct mail campaign to a top client list is also something to consider and promotional advent calendars are an inexpensive option to provide a gift that will certainly receive more “desk time” than some items. Event giveaways would also be a good use for promotional advent calendars and they would certainly get “tongues wagging” with this stand out promotional product. The lead-time is the only restriction with this product, and this is mainly down to the fact that the consumer will quite rightly want their promotional advent calendars in place before December 1st. With an approx 4-week turnaround time, it is certainly the case that October is the month to order and have artwork signed off. This will allow you to ensure your method for dispatching these is arranged and that your client will have their calendar in plenty of time to open the first “window”. Steel City Marketing would be delighted to provide up to date and competitive quotes on your required quantity of promotional advent calendars and with our in house studio facility we would be able to sort out the design to you from a brief in no time at all.]]>