Since the smoking ban came into effect, there has been a need to sort out the problem of cigarette littering in public places. The new pocket ashtray from Bic aims to do just that. A fantastic new cheap promotional giveaway idea, it is certainly not an item that promotes smoking in any way, but looks to provide a solution to smokers to not just simply discard cigarette butts on the floor. The litter caused by smokers is a particular problem outside bars, restaurants and public buildings and there will almost certainly be a high cost associated with cleaning up these areas either for private companies or councils. The pocket ashtray is a perfect solution. It is estimated that 35% of smokers discard 5 or more cigarette butts per pack of 20 into the environment – causing around 4 trillion cigarette butts to be littered each year. Couple that with the fact that cigarette butts take around 10 years to decompose completely, then the pocket ashtray starts to look like an ingenious solution to a huge problem. The pocket ashtray is a small, but ideal accessory for anyone who smokes (and who do so outdoors). Made from EVA with an aluminium lining (to extinguish the cigarette), it is reusable, does not produce smells and can contain up to 5 cigarette’s worth of waste at any one time. This cheap promotional giveaway idea has a great branding area to the outside surface. It can show an environmentally conscious message as well as your own branding (in up to 5 spot colours). The pocket ashtray works simply by inserting a still-lit cigarette butt into the pouch. Once the flap is closed and the press-stud closed, the removal of oxygen will extinguish the cigarette quickly, allowing the pocket ashtray to be put away until when next required. Coming in 6 designs, with 14 standard colours, there is a good choice within the pocket ashtray range. Minimum order quantities are 5000, but given this is a cheap promotional giveaway that can solve a significant problem, the investment is worth it. Of particular interest to local councils, restaurant and bar chains, hotels, and places such as racecourses, the pocket ashtray is one of those new ideas that go down really well, help to effectively promote brands and give a powerful environmental message about keeping the streets cigarette butt free.]]>