photo frame. There is a good choice of frames available, all with the business gift purchaser in mind and these cater for the variations in style, budget and the add-on features. Branding areas are of vital importance even if the product lends itself better to a subtler logo. For a straightforward desk top photo frame, these are available in either metal or even PVC, the latter in particular can be custom produced in up to 3 spot colours to give a really striking finish. Both options do add something to the normal retail frames you can purchase on the high street. These days however, the use of digital cameras has led to an improvement in the technology in terms of viewing the photographs we take and the emergence of the digital photo frames has been a huge growth area.  These started out with low resolution, small screens and looking back the quality was poor even though they were the new item to consider.  Now, these are available in small to quite large screen size, the 7” frame being the most popular. There are some neat little products as well, with additional features such as clocks and calendars, providing a dual-purpose desktop business gift. We are now also seeing the impact of the small mobile phone type screens, with digital photo frame keyring, which show a good selection of images on its internal memory on a fairly good quality screen.  This area, although far removed from the budget spend end of the market, is experiencing good growth and the products available are different from the norm. It gives the user the reminder of the personal side of business.  Data transfer is now smooth, either via USB cable or the simple insertion of a memory card.  This is therefore not even a gift designed solely for the pure techy’s, it has universal appeal. For discussions on regular or digital photo frames, our sales team is experienced in all aspects of business and promotional gifts.  Please call on 0114 2754150 to discuss this or any other product area.]]>