Hosting an event can be time consuming and budgets can easily become depleted. In these budget conscious times, choosing the most effective event merchandise for your money is crucial. At Steel City Marketing we work with clients planning events for a range of purposes. We always endeavour to source merchandise which will help them fulfil the aims of their event long after the day has passed. There are a range of event merchandising products at your disposal to help with planning, execution and continued promotion. Here are our top five tips for making your day a success:

1. Get Your Guestlist

Ensuring that your event is a success and attracts the right audience can be helped with your event merchandising efforts. Go the extra mile and ensure that the people you want in attendance are there with some incentives to attend.

If for example, you are planning a charity day, which high profile sponsors would you like onboard? Contact them individually with an invitation and go the extra mile with a themed gift. Think about what could create an emotional connection with your cause. You could have merchandise printed which represent your charities success stories. Visual content is psychologically more likely to elicit a reaction.

2. Create a buzz

Think about the theme of your event. What do you want to get people talking about on the day? Do you have a tagline or even a creative hashtag that you are going to promote on your social media to generate conversation? Promote this prior to the day through event merchandising by having it printed to low cost items. You could send these in a mailout to prospective attendees or even run a competition and offer them as prize giveaways.

3. Name Badges

Do you have a restricted guest list for your event? At conferences for example, you can encourage interaction between attendees by providing everyone with a personalised name badge. These can be printed with names, occupations, social media handles. You could even ask each person to submit a sentence about themselves as a conversation starter for people on the day.

4. Event Merchandising Giveaways

It is a fact universally acknowledged that everyone loves a freebie. Your event merchandising budget should take into account that people have been found to keep a promotional gift for over a year at least. What products are of most use to your audience and what do you want these products to remind them of in years to come?

5. Event merchandising for profit

Are you a school looking to make some extra funds or a charity trying to raise money? Promotional gifts can be used to generate income at events too. Buying in bulk affords you the ability to apply your own markup and make a bit of money for your cause. For example, if you are a school, you could get children to contribute artwork which can be printed onto mugs, calendars or whatever you want! A great piece of memorabilia for their family to buy.