Stretched for time? Often juggling many jobs and campaigns? Sound familiar?!

We understand that when it comes to promotional products, amongst the other tasks you have, sourcing an effective one may become an afterthought. BUT we truly believe and have the stats to back us up that a well considered promotional gift will give you an impressive ROI!

So if you are stretched for time, why not let the Steel City team do what we do best and invest our time, expertise and passion to spark branded merchandise ideas and make YOUR brand stand out?!

Our NEW 2019-2020 branded merchandise catalogues are out now: with a selection of the latest promotional products, specifically chosen from the most reputable suppliers in the industry.

We have sent a number of these to our current clients so you may receive one shortly…if not, let us know and we can organise one for you. There is a limited amount available so make sure you get in there first!

There are hundreds of products to look at in the catalogue, and these are still only a fraction of what we can provide. So if you feel overwhelmed by the sheer choice of products, we can help! Just call the team on 0114 275 4150 or email us and we can find the best products which match your budget, suit your target audience and meet your deadline.

Get Your NEW 2019-2020 Catalogue