New Year Resolutions Notebook

One way to differentiate your brand from competitors in 2022 is to offer a New Years business gift. Whilst many will have sent their business connections a gift to celebrate the festive holidays, by sending something at the start of the year, when your customers least expect it, you are likely to set yourself apart from the crowd.

After the indulgences of Christmas, the start of the year brings about a re-energised and fresh outlook for the year ahead. If you are like the other estimated 28 million people in the UK, you will have made a New Year’s resolutions this year. A great way to embrace this positive feeling for the future is by giving your customers a promotional gift with your contact details on. It will plant the idea of accomplishing business together going forward. Similarly, if you want to help with team morale, an employee gift will help to portray your appreciation for their efforts.

What  should you send to your customers and colleagues?

Something that is useful and can be reused will be much more likely to stay with them and create a long lasting impression of your brand. Also, with resolutions being popular at the start of the year, items that can help your customers/colleagues stick to them are bound to be received well.

Healthy eating, mental and physical wellbeing and learning a new skill are all common New Year resolutions. Being more organised, keeping safe and helping to protect the environment are also popular goals. With these in mind, we have compiled our top 7 gift ideas to show your appreciation at the start of the year.

Our Top Gift Ideas For The New Year

1. Healthy Eating

Spaghetti Measurer

Spaghetti Measurer

How often have you cooked spaghetti and made too much, but eaten it anyway?! We all do it. But not anymore! With this handy spaghetti measurer, you can make sure there is just the right portion size for one, two or three people. Made from 100% recycled plastic and you can have you logo printed in full colour to make sure your brand sticks in the receivers mind.

Lunch Cooler Bag

Lunch Cooler

It is very easy to buy your lunch out, to nip down to the local burger joint or chippy! Whilst we all like to indulge once in a while, many will be trying to resist the temptation. By providing a branded lunch cooler bag, you can encourage your team/customers to prepare their own healthy lunch. The bag will keep it cool and fresh, ready to enjoy at lunch whether in the workplace or out for a picnic if the weather allows!

Water Bottles

Branded Water Bottle

Snacking on biscuits, crisps and sweets is a tricky habit to beat. One way to help reduce snacking is by drinking more water. Keeping hydrated is another popular resolution for many. So why not gift a branded drinks bottle? There are hundreds of promotional water bottles to choose from including this above glass bottle with a neoprene sleeve ideal for cool water and can be digitally printed with your branding. We can also supply drinking bottles with indicators of how much water you have drunk, helping to keep you motivated throughout the day.

2. Mental Wellbeing

With isolation and changes to circumstances over the past couple of years, mental health has taken a big hit. And so, looking after our mental wellbeing is an area lots of people are addressing in 2022. Many of the ideas we cover in this blog will help with mental wellbeing like healthy eating, exercise, being organised and staying safe. We also have written a blog about Wellbeing and Mental Health for further reading.

Here are a couple of specific product ideas that can help to promote a healthy mental wellbeing marketing message:

Audio Items

Xoopar Eco Corkley Bluetooth SpeakerMusic is a great healer. Listening to your favourite tunes can help you relax and switch off. A wireless speaker, or set of ear buds with your company branding on does not only have a high perceived value, but is very likely to be used! Choose a sustainable material for your promotional audio items and you are ticking the eco-friendly box too!

Fidget Toys


Branded fidget and stress toys are a low cost and popular way to relieve stress. Stress toys can keep the mind and body relaxed, and help to aid concentration. Whether you opt for a highlighter fidget spinner (which doubles up as highlighter pens), fidget cube, bubble poppers or the more traditional stress toy, these items will help to convey your companies dedication to health. We love them so much we have written a blog dedicated to custom branded fidget toys.

3. Physical Wellbeing

Every year, getting fit or doing more exercise is up there for the most popular New Year’s resolution. Giving your customers and/or staff a branded item that makes it easier to exercise or an incentivises them to reach their goals is a good bet. From branded sweatshirts, sports tops and sports caps and hats to footballs, tennis balls and golf sets, there is a wide range of fitness related promotional gifts that can be selected. Here are a few you may not have thought of:

Resistance Sport Bands

Resistance Sports BandsNew to the promotional market are these resistance sport bands. With three levels of thickness, you can build up your strength gradually with exercises that condition the whole body. You could even create your own exercise plan or challenge to go alongside them to further encourage exercise. Add your logo to the top of the box to make sure you are in the users mind each time they reach for them!

Branded wristbands
A fun and low cost promotional gift to promote physical wellbeing are these wrist sweatbands. Available in a number of vibrant colours and with your logo embroidered on will make sure your company is noticed!

Sports Bags

Reflective Drawstring Backpack

A nice new shiny sports bag is always a good incentive to get to the gym or sports hall. We have loads of options depending on your budget, the size of the bag and your brand image. We like this reflective drawstring bag – it is lightweight, keeps you safe in the dark nights and is made from 100% recycled polyester with Aware™ tracer.

4. Staying Safe

Face Coverings

Branded SnoodWith massive increases in transmissions of Covid at the moment, staying safe and protected has come back to the forefront of our minds. Branded snoods provide a brilliant mix of protection and comfort during the winter months. Snoods are useful to keep warm as well as protected at the same time.

Hand Sanitisers

Oriel Hand Sanitiser

It can be easy to get out of the habit of using hand sanitiser, especially since restrictions have loosened. By having a compact sanitiser close to hand, you can help to encourage staying safe and germ free.

5. Being Organised

Piggy Bank

Promotional Piggy Bank

Every little penny counts! You may have seen the countless stories of people saving a penny or a pound a day throughout the year in order to save a lump sum at the end of the year. Well a fun way to promote saving is with these cute promotional piggy banks. Have your logo printed up to full colour on the side.

StationeryParker Gift Set

Planning your finances and getting organised for the year is always more appealing when you have new stationery to do it with. The classic organisation promotional gifts such as diaries, calendars, notebooks, pens and flag sets will all be useful and handy items ensuring your brand is seen all year round. We particularly like the above Parker gift set, which adds a touch of prestige and is beautifully presented.

6. Protecting the Environment

Following the likes of David Attenborough’s Green Planet and COP26, protecting the environment is high on a lot of peoples agendas. Whether you are embarking on a month of Veganism, (we have a blog on that!) wanting to reduce throwaway purchases and buy more sustainable, we have just the items for you!

Reusable BagsPromotional Jute Bag

They have been around for a long time, but are still one of the most selected promotional gifts. That’s because they are always useful! Plus with the addition of environmental concerns and carrier bag charges, it’s a no brainer. There are now masses of choice when it comes to reusable bags – and most are made of sustainable or recycled materials.

Promotional Seeds and Plants

Branded SeedsticksAs well as helping our mental health, planting seeds and plants is good for the planet; releasing oxygen and absorbing carbon dioxide. Excitingly we can now offer a whole host of promotional products that include seeds – like the above promotional seeds packs, notepads with seeded paper and even pencils with seeds in the tip. If you are interested in more ideas, check out our Promotional Seeds and Plants blog.

7. Learning a New Skill

Taking up a hobby, learning a new skill or taking up a challenge are also popular New Year’s resolutions. It could be learning to drive, how to play an instrument or learning to draw. Here are a couple of more novel items that you may not have considered!

Juggling Balls

Promotional Juggling Balls

Challenge your team or customers to learn how to juggle with these promotional juggling balls! Printed in 2 colours in 2 panels with your logo, they could create some fantastic team or relationship bonding moments as well as providing some social media gold content!

Rubiks Cube

Branded Rubiks CubeHave you ever solved a Rubik’s Cube? No? This could be your year to learn! If you can, maybe challenge yourself to a quicker time?! Another fun challenge for your customers/colleagues.

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