The success of the Olympics and the Jubilee has generated demand for innovative products that deserve the “Made in Britain” stamp. There are plenty out there that are keeping up with the latest trends and technologies and Steel City Marketing are keeping a finger on the pulse of new product developments.

Steel City Marketing Ltd is a leading UK branded merchandise supplier, working with brands on their long-term marketing campaigns, events and exhibitions.

The firm’s focus is to deliver outstanding ideas whilst ensuring the best possible service levels. “ For each business we work with we make sure we understand the brand, their campaigns and what will give them the best chance of a return on investment for their marketing spend” explains James Biggin, Managing Director.

Steel City Marketing is constantly tracking the latest trends. James Biggin says “we are acutely aware that merchandise is one part of the marketing ‘mix’, but it is proven to be one of the best value for money ways to boost your brand. Not only do we have a keen eye on product development, but we also explore opportunities for businesses to link their “on and offline” marketing. Combining branding with QR codes or social media ID’s can allow companies to measure the ROI of their campaign.”

Brite DockStep forward the Brite Dock, a new desktop branded item, which has been developed using patented in house moulding to produce a hardwearing, durable and robust smartphone holder. Although originally conceived to hold a smartphone when in the office, the Brite Dock can also be used when commuting or travelling due to its lightweight design and easy flat-pack assembly. Its robust nature ensures that it is also suitable for use with e-readers, tablets and other mobile devices, making for a perfect viewing angle when browsing the web or watching films. It also provides a hands-free solution to video conferencing.

James Biggin explains “This product ticks every box when looking for a promotional item for 2012 due to the overwhelming growth in popularity of smartphones and tablets. It is an ideal tool for business development and marketing professionals when presenting to clients on tablets. The Brite Dock gives them a hands free solution and the item can be left with the client after the presentation is over as a future brand reminder”.

The Brite Dock is also perfect for eco-friendly promotions, as it is manufactured using over 50% reclaimed materials and is produced solely in the UK, keeping carbon emissions to a minimum.