With the fixtures running throughout the working day and into the early evening, there is plenty of opportunity to get into the World Cup spirit. Whether you are a football fan or not, there are many advantages to enjoying (or suffering) World Cup Fever for a few weeks.

Score with sales

For many, the World Cup is going to be a focus of discussion and distraction. However, you can use this to your advantage particularly if you are in the sales field. As they say ‘a little bit of knowledge can go a along way’. Keep up with World Cup progress and it could provide you with that perfect conversation starter with potential clients.  You might even bond over a goal.

Marketing manoeuvres

Whether you run a sweepstake, create a social media competition, invite clients to watch a game or host a football themed event, the tournament offers you the opportunity to engage with your customers, prospects and equally importantly your work colleagues. Channel your efforts to having some fun and create some memorable marketing campaigns, be they face to face or in the virtual world. And there is plenty of branded merchandise available to match your needs.



If you can’t beat them join them

Research has revealed that there is a direct link between World Cups and spikes in sickness leave. So may be this tournament is something you should embrace – even if that means streaming the games in a conference room. You might find it increases productivity.

Red card

Just to note if you are thinking of using promotional merchandise as part of your World Cup marketing effort, please be aware that you are not able to use FIFA’s intellectual property without prior written authorisation from FIFA. This would include using FIFA’s official marks on Football Shirts, balls and banners for example.

Perfect finish

Whatever, your plans. Steel City will be on the ball with all your promotional product needs.

By listening to your exact requirements and understanding your target audience, we provide branded merchandise which will leave a lasting impression and go on to score a hat trick with your clients or colleagues!

Here is just a small selection of football related gifts that can be branded to get the ball rolling…

World Cup Ideas products comp

Please get in touch with the Steel City team to discuss your branded merchandise needs by phone on 0114 275 4150 or email [email protected].