Be More Sagittarius

Born between 22nd November and December 21st, Sagittarius are known to be curious, adventurous and have a great sense of humour. So do you fancy the challenge to “Be More Sagittarius?”

Be Curious

People born under the Sagittarius star sign are often curious and always love to learn. Why not try and “Be More Sagittarius” and learn something new? Can you solve a Rubik cube puzzle? Why not design your own branded Rubik cube and challenge your clients?!

Be Adventurous

With a curious nature, being adventurous is also a common personality trait of the Sagittarius star sign. They are keen explorers and enjoy travel.

“Be More Sagittarius” and be prepared for travel with these PVC luggage tags. They are an economical branded gift that will be appreciated and used by your clients, especially if you can link them with a summer or holiday marketing campaign.

Be Humorous

Why not “Be More Sagittarius” and engage with your clients through humour? You could run a social media challenge using a promotional item with your branding on or even reward engagement with a branded prize. Likelihood is that your clients will then post a photo of their gift and give your brand further publicity.

These branded yo yo’s could work well with clients showcasing their top tricks on social media!

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