Oh we do like to be beside the seaside…and this year it may be somewhere a little closer to home than usual! With Boris Johnson’s latest announcement to open up the hospitality and leisure industry, a frenzy of bookings have been made for UK campsites and holiday cottages¹. In fact, you may have missed the boat completely or would prefer to have a ‘Staycation’ instead! Either way, it is clear to say UK holidays are set to be the ‘new normal’ in 2020.

With this in mind, by surprising your customer with summer promotional products that can be enjoyed whilst on holiday, be it camping, UK-based or at home, is a sure way to get noticed. In fact, a promotional summer product that will make your customers’ free time feel that little bit more special, will provide a great opportunity to create genuine, valued business relationships.

From picnic items, BBQ tools and camping mugs to sunglasses and flip flops, we have a vast collection of summer business gifts that can be branded with your company logo, marketing message and contact details. Below you will find a selection of 12 of the best selling summer promotional products to start sparking ideas! 

⛺ 1. Branded Travel Mugs, Cups and Flasks

The perfect companion for any trip – branded travel mugs, cups and flasks are a must for any camping holiday or outdoor adventure! They would even keep you warm on a cooler summer evening in the park or garden! Pair with a fleecy blanket/pillow to stay extra toasty!

🔦 2. Branded Torches

An essential for any camping trip or evening stroll on the beach – a torch! Brand with your company logo and contact details and make sure you are in the spotlight!

🍷 3. Branded Drink Accessories

Also essential, for many of us! Make it easy to transport your favourite bottle and never be without a bottle opener at any outdoor occasion.

🥪 4. Branded Picnic Products

Whether enjoying a picnic in the garden, park or when away, a branded cool bag, picnic blanket and lunchbox are must-haves! Why not add a bit of class with a branded plastic champagne glass?!

🍔 5. Branded BBQ Products

So many of us have been enjoying BBQ’s as a way to relax during the past few months and it is likely to only keep up momentum during the summer months. So a branded BBQ product is sure to get a sizzling reaction from any customer!

👜 6. Branded Travel Bags

A very useful business gift this summer is a branded travel bag. From handy waterproof satchels and bumbags to more substantial bags, you will be safe in the knowledge that they will get used time and time again, and align your company with being generous and thoughtful.

⚽ 7. Branded Games

Another idea for either a summer staycation or holiday is a branded game or sports gift. They will inject a bit of fun and personality into your next marketing campaign and make your customers smile!

😎 8. Branded Sunglasses

Let’s hope the sun shines in the UK this summer! Make sure your customers are armed with a pair of sunglasses with your logo on them!

👕9. Branded Clothing

A summer t-shirt, hoodie, cap, or hat with your logo on will impress your customers…especially if designed with a retail look or even something humorous or quirky!

☂ 10. Branded Umbrellas & Waterproofs

Let’s face it, the UK isn’t always that reliable when it comes to sunshine. So make sure your customers are prepared with waterproofs with your brand on them!

🎧 11. Branded Gadgets

Any bbq or picnic needs atmosphere, and even though we can’t host big parties at the moment, we can enjoy music! There are some amazingly good quality branded speakers available these days which will make any outdoor occasion sound better! Branded gadgets like speakers and headphones have a very high perceived value and will last much longer than just the summer.

🎈 12. Branded Outdoor Products

With many of us opting to have a staycation and now that public houses and other hospitality establishments are opening up, we will want to make our outdoor spaces as welcoming as possible. Branded outdoor products such as parasols, gazebos and deck chairs are all quality promotional items that will not only help to make customers feel at ease but also convey a professional, uniform brand image. Similarly, an office or workplace that want to create a ‘holiday feel’ to their outdoor area may want to invest in one of these outdoor promotional items too!

We hope these 12 starting points for promotional summer products have helped you on your marketing journey and have sparked ideas! If you are still wanting more, why not check out our branded gift ideas for the home or please get in touch with the team for guidance, advice and further information.

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