As many of you know, we are running a fun campaign at the moment called ‘Tea Champion’.

We have been asking for teams to nominate the best tea or coffee maker in their office, to make a fuss of them and give them the chance of having the great honour of being called the office ‘Tea Champion’! In return, we are rewarding the best 50 with a selection of tea related goodies! Read more about it in our previous blog where we have chosen our Steel City Tea Champion – Leigh.

So far, we can’t believe the amazing response we have been getting – it is so nice to hear all the lovely comments and stories behind your tea champs so thank you very much for joining in!

Here are just a couple of gems from the nominations so far…

Kate Stephenson from C2Events

C2Events Tea ChampTeasmade“I am the proud owner of a Teasmade. Yes, one of those 1950s vintage alarm clocks with a kettle attached that boils at the time you are due to wake from your slumber. Apart from taking up the whole bedside table, and sounding like the house is taking off when it boils, I love it. My Partner thinks it’s a “ridiculous contraption” which is not coming with us when we move to our new house. Think again. I’ve already got the little beauty its own bubble wrap.
So, I thought I was tea mad. Then I joined C2Events, and I realised that my tea drinking is no longer considered an addiction, but standard behaviour.
We are already on our third tray since I joined C2Events, and I’ve only been here 3 months. The last two broke under the regular strain of full cups of tea being carried up the stairs to our office.
The kettle is always on the boil, the familiar cry of ‘we need more milk’ and the regular panic when we are down to half a box of Yorkshire Gold has become the norm.
The world of events is high pressured, and can be stressful. Studies have shown that drinking tea can reduce the levels of stress hormones, and also lower systolic blood pressure. So, a good cuppa is good for you, and we very much embrace that in our office!
It is for this reason that the choosing of a Tea Champion was tricky and took careful consideration. The question is, does herbal tea count? We decided that whilst the beautiful colours and flavours of a herbal brew are appealing, nothing quite beats a good mug of English breakfast tea, made with love in our new mugs from Steel City.
We have selected Kayleigh Baker, Sophie Hopes, Amy Leadbetter, Emma Fawcett and Kate Stephenson as our Tea Champions. We just couldn’t pick one person, so we thought we’d share the love as we have such a strong sense of teamwork here at C2Events, that the tea team needed to stick together!
Thanks to Steel City, we also now have some lovely branded, personalised mugs in which to enjoy our tea. Thank you Steel City!
Now…, whose round is it?”

Dawn Smith from Lab Logic

Dawn Smith - Lablogic“Dawn turns her hand to everything, despite only being in the office for a couple of days each week. She takes care of our visitors (making exceptional amounts of tea…and the odd coffee), writes poetry on occasions and generally keeps everyone entertained whilst rattling through a wide range of administrative tasks. She is our perfect candidate for the Tea Champion award.”  There is even evidence in the visitors’ book that Dawn’s cuppas are better than Starbucks!

Dawn Smith - Lablogic evidence






So if you would like to spoil a colleague with the honoured status of ‘Tea Champion’ please get in touch with their name, position, why they deserve to be a Tea Champion and a photo of them.  You can either email or post to our Twitter, Facebook of Linked In pages.