Have you ever thought about your company’s core values and how they can affect business decisions and how your business operates? 

Steel City are taking part in a government scheme called ‘Growth Accelerator’ which helps ambitious businesses reach their goals and potential.  As part of the scheme, the team at Steel City have been looking closely at which values and behaviours are at the heart of the company.

After a number of group sessions, the team established what it is to be part of Steel City and how to bring about these values in their behaviour:

Values SC

“It has been a worthwhile, progressive exercise to really get to the bottom of what our values are, both as a company and as individuals.  By forming these core values together, everyone in the team knows what they are embodying and striving for”. MD James Biggin.


With these core values in mind, Steel City have analysed their brand image to ensure they match the team’s personalities and passion, the way in which the team interact with clients/suppliers and the company’s 35 years of Sheffield heritage.

This has resulted in the forging of a brand new logo, typography and company colour schemes.

Steel City Icon

The Steel City icon evolved from the original two curved crescents into a more architectural ‘S’ shape representing the ‘S’ in Steel City.  The use of the intercrossing and parallel lines within the logo and typeface is a subtle link to the steel industry, hinting at steel bars.

Old SCM 3




The ‘Steel City’ font in the logo was cherry-picked to coordinate with the icon.  The lineal quality and the twists in the lettering complement those within the icon.

Colour Schemes

The principle colour of the brand is orange which was chosen with the manufacturing of steel in mind; mirroring the molten orange shade of steel being processed.  With Sheffield being world renowned with a rich history for the production of steel, it was important to Steel City to subtly link this heritage with the company’s own culture and name.

Molten Steel

As well as this reference to Sheffield Steel, both the orange and turquoise colourways were selected to reflect the energy and passion that the team brings to their work.




Another element of the Steel City image that has transformed is the dropping of the word ‘Marketing’ from the branding. “We have found that neither the Acronym “SCM” nor the full wording “Steel City Marketing” are how we refer to ourselves and more importantly, how our clients refer to us. We have been “Steel City” for a great many years and it was high time we reflected this shift in our branding.” MD James Biggin

James continues: “The word “Marketing” is also a scratch I have wanted to itch for a while now. It is part of the history of the company, but the time is right to reflect what we do, communicate this effectively and then feel we have achieved our genuine identity, one that is understood internally and externally”.

The primary logo includes “Branded Merchandise” whilst still allowing all stakeholders to refer to the business as Steel City. The company has focused on the ability to bring in other messages to replace this – depending on who they are communicating with. An example being a change of the tag line to “Supporting Your Campaign” – to hint at strength and Steel City’s core values.


Two Slogans

Steel City would love to hear what you think of the “change”. Feel free to comment, email or get involved on the social media channels we have below.

Take a look on the Website and Twitter, Facebook and Linked In for the full effect of the new logo and typography.

A final quote from Sir Richard Branson on company values:

“Your culture really is one of the most important things of your company, it’s who you are, it’s why customers choose you.  Build a great company which you would want to do business with yourself.  If you get this right, your culture is right”.