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Promotional materials are essential for businesses of all sizes, helping to attract customers and maintain brand awareness. They’re used to make a business stand out within a crowded market, helping to differentiate them from their competition, and engage to their target audiences. There are various types of promo material around, which can contain business logos or straplines, and they can be used to drive direct conversions (either online or offline). They’re not just for new customers, with client retention being a big part of how promotional materials are used, helping to build brand loyalty.

How do Promotional Materials Fit Within a Marketing Strategy?

Promotional materials are a small part of an overall business marketing strategy. The marketing mix, contains product, price, place, and promotion, with promotional materials obviously sitting within the promotional bucket. Within this bucket, there are several promotional methods, including direct mail, social media, events, sponsorship, direct selling, PR, and content marketing.

Promotional materials tend to work best during events and conferences, where there are a lot of people from a certain demographic in one place at the same time, helping to compound the effects of brand exposure. They are also often used in direct mail campaigns, such as charities, who may see an increase in donations as a direct result of offering branded products in their mail outs.

They are certainly an effective strategy when incorporated as part of a holistic marketing campaign.

Types of Promo Materials

There are various types of promotional materials available today, but not every type is appropriate to your business.

The first step is to understand your target demographic, to figure out which type would resonate with them the best.

Or alternatively, think of the setting where you’re going to give these products away, is there a certain type that would be the most useful or appropriate?

Business cards can also be classed as promotional material, and their low cost means you can distribute them in large quantities without worrying too much about the budget.

Printed flyers are a great way to get a message across. They can be useful for e-commerce businesses to encourage post-sale reviews or user interaction such as following social media channels or providing valuable feedback.

Coupon codes represent another classic way for businesses to promote themselves, with an increased chance of being shared with friends, as well as the natural appeal to the customer of receiving a discount.

Recycled Plastic Promotional Products

Branded Merchandise

Branded merchandise or marketing swag is another typical promotional material, which can come in many different forms. Branded stationery such as diaries and notebooks are good for people who are going to use those items regularly, but perhaps not so useful for someone who works in tech and takes notes on their laptop or smartphone. However if you’re at a conference, there’s a high chance that all attendees will need a notepad, making them a very effective branded product.

If the item is for a high-value client, then a premium promotional product is likely a better idea. A useful item like a branded laptop bag can really add value, and is likely to be used over a number of years.

Other promotional products include pens, beanie hats, umbrellas, and drinkware.

There has been an increasing trend in recent years of businesses trying to be more sustainable, which has led to the adoption of eco-friendly promotional products, including those made from sustainably sourced wood, as well as bamboo, and recycled plastic.

There have also been increases in the amount of gadgets people are using, such as branded power banks and USB sticks.

Printed bags are particularly popular for conferences and events, as they’re often the first thing people pick-up or see, and use to carry all of the other items they get throughout the day.

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