branded company swag

Company swag simply refers to promotional materials that a company might give away for free (or in rare cases might sell) to promote its brand. Swag can be given to customers, other businesses, the general public, or as prizes.

The variety of swag items is almost unlimited, so the best guidelines we can give have less to do with specific items, and more to do with the quality and intention of the items you may choose. Consider these factors:

  • Is it customised to my brand?
  • Is the quality good?
  • Is it useful? How often will it be used?
  • Will it be visible when in use?
  • Is it popular?
  • Does it suit the industry or individuals I want to reach?
  • Is it unique or rare? (Or is everybody using it as swag?)
  • Can it communicate your contact information? (Website, email, phone, etc)

Swag done wrong is a waste of money and will lower the quality profile of your company, but done right it can be a cost-effective way to continually advertise and build brand awareness and conversions.

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Why Do Companies Give Out Swag?

Company swag is used to promote the company brand and form relationships with clients and employees. It’s an investment into future business relationships, to help encourage brand preference.

Companies often give out swag at events such as conferences, in the hope of generating new business and keeping their company in the front of potential customers’ minds.

Branded Company Swag

What Company Swag do Employees Like?

Employees tend to like company swag that they can actually use. They want something that’s high quality and useful, such as gadgets or a re-usable coffee mug. Branded uniforms are also liked by many employees as they can help to create a sense of belonging and unity.

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