Often neglected as a top priority, branded uniforms are much more than just your logo on a piece of clothing. Corporate uniforms are an extension of your culture and brand, providing an instant, cohesive, professional business identity and giving your customers confidence in your products or services. They can unify a team and give employees pride in their work. With a massive 91% of respondents in a BPMA study using branded clothing¹, we thought it would be useful to share with you why branded uniforms are important.

The importance of company uniforms:

1. First impressions count

By investing in a corporate uniform you know that the first visual impression a prospective customer has, is a positive one. If you have an outdated, impractical or disjointed company uniform, you can create a bad impression even before you have had the chance to make a potentially lucrative connection.

2. Increase brand awareness

Whether your team is client facing or they wear their branded uniform at events, tradeshows, exhibitions or client meetings; by wearing a branded uniform, you will be increasing your brand visibility and awareness.

From a subtle embroidered logo or icon to an all over full colour creative print design, personalised clothing can be seen as an advertising tactic. And what better way to promote your culture and brand image than what your team wears! Even if your staff aren’t face to face with customers, just by wearing corporate clothing to and from work, your brand will be seen and reinforced.

3. Immediately establish a professional business image

With your team in a well thought out corporate uniform incorporating your brand colours and logo, you will instantly create a professional business image. Customers will have confidence in your brand and what it is you are offering.

A branded uniform will make each of your employees easily identifiable, especially important if your company is client facing. It will ease any confusion and make it easy for customers to ask for help or advice.

You may also have different departments that require a mix of uniform types (i.e. office staff may need less corporate attire to client facing staff) or levels of staff seniority within your business you want to differentiate. By tweaking the brand design, colours or garment styles but keeping to a main brand theme, your company can create a cohesive, unified and professional image.

As well as looking more professional to customers, a corporate team uniform acts as a reminder to your employees, that they are the face of the brand, and in turn will encourage a sense of professionalism in their work.

4. Employees will look professional and feel at ease

By providing a branded uniform to your team, you are making sure employees look professional and are maintaining a consistent brand image. This is especially important if they have a client meeting or are client facing.

It is also a way to take away any stress of deciding what to wear each morning. This can be an unnecessary pressure for employees, trying to piece together attire that suits each day and meets the standards of the company and fellow workers. If we are not happy or feel uncomfortable with how we look, it can provoke a negative mind-set for the working day ahead.

By offering your staff branded uniforms, you will therefore be putting everyone on a level pegging, no matter what their personal or financial situation is. Corporate uniforms will give your employees the opportunity to look and feel at their best; a great way to boost self-esteem and confidence.

5. Boost team morale

A strong brand with a professional, quality branded uniform will no doubt help to boost your team’s morale. By wearing the same uniform as colleagues, it instantly creates a sense of belonging, a camaraderie and equality in the workforce. This in turn encourages more collaborative working and ultimately raises team spirit within the workplace.

Employees will value the investment you have made on them with a branded uniform, it will help to raise job satisfaction and they are more likely to become advocates of your business.

We would recommend that you involve your team in the selection process, to ensure they are both comfortable and happy with their uniform. This will ensure that everyone feels and looks the part and will take pride in their work. Employees will also be more likely to want to wear their branded uniforms outside of the workplace too, helping to increase brand visibility.

6. Improve productivity

Being comfortable in the workplace and feeling happy with what you are wearing will improve productivity. In fact, many workplaces now employ a more relaxed dress code to help to make their staff feel comfortable. Instead of corporate shirts, maybe opting for a branded t-shirt or hoodie. Those who work within a service industry that requires protection from their clothing will feel safer with the appropriate branded safety wear.

Having a healthy work life balance also plays a part in increasing productivity in the workplace. By implementing a branded uniform, it is one way to help to mentally separate both spaces.

If you need help choosing the perfect branded uniform for your business, get in touch with one of our experienced team and we would be happy to advise you.

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¹BPMA 2016 study