Promotional products, promo giveaways, event swag – there are many labels for branded merchandise but what exactly is it and what are the benefits in using it in your marketing activities?

When we are asked to describe promotional products, we usually start with ‘any business gift you can put your brand on’! When you think of promotional products, pens, mugs, t-shirts and sweets probably jump to mind, but there is a whole host of merchandise which can incorporate your logo, contact details and a call to action.

It goes without saying that we live in a world dictated by technology – particularly at the moment, and so branded gadgets and technology has become a massively popular promotional trend of late. Branded headphones/speakers, power banks, wireless chargers and cable adaptors are all common choices to brand.  Eco-friendly promotional gifts which are recyclable, reusable or made from sustainable materials are also an extremely desirable branded gift option.  They can help to convey your companies ethos and stance on protecting the environment which is a high priority for many.  Another current promotional product trend this year is for letterbox friendly items and branded gift sets which can be sent to reward and boost morale for those working from home.  And let’s not forget branded face coverings, hygiene items and personalised gifts – all very apt and useful branded gifts at this point in time!

So there is a lot more than meets the eye when it comes to promotional gear – it doesn’t just have to be a cheap pen or pack of sweets given away at events or exhibitions.

So what are the benefits of promotional products or giveaways? 

1. Grab Attention

First and foremost, something for free will always grab attention. Everyone loves a freebie, especially when thought and consideration has gone into the design, the suitability of the product and how useful it will be for the receiver. In fact, BPMA research reveals that 70% of marketers use promotional products as a brand awareness tool.

Promotional products work particularly well at creating a buzz when incorporated into a direct mail invitation – for example, you could send a branded face mask and hand sanitiser to invite clients to a trade show or exhibition. See below a travel mug we offered as an incentive to the first 100 people to sign up to our promotional showcase.

Steel City Travel Mug

2. Build a meaningful association

With so many events or communications being virtual at the moment, there is an even bigger demand for something tangible which creates a meaningful memory of the occasion or relationship. By gifting participants with a branded item, their memory of the event or liaison will become more significant and help to build a fond association with you and your company. We have seen this working particularly well for new starters, reward/appreciation gifts for employees, and which in turn helps to encourage your staff to become brand advocates.

3. Drive depth of engagement

When combined with other marketing activities, promotional gifts can be used as part of a reward system or as additional touch points to drive engagement with clients. Be it as part of a prospective client journey, a point of purchase gift or to thank loyal clients – promotional products will certainly get your brand noticed, recognised and help to strength your relationship with your clients.

Prospect Client Gift

4. Constant reminder

By choosing a branded gift which is useful to your target audience, your brand and call to action will be a constant reminder of your products or services. In fact research from the BPMA has found that ‘83% remember a brand for 12+ months” and ‘79% are likely to do business’ with a company in the future who have sent/given them a promotional gift.

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