Case Study: Resolve

We recently worked with Sheffield IT firm Resolve to supply some personalised branded flasks. Organised on behalf of MD Andrew Seaton, each of his team received a personalised branded flask (delivered directly to their house) as a surprise pick me up treat! We decided to ask Andrew all about it…

Resolve IT Branded Travel Mugs

1. Why did you decide to invest in a branded gift for your team?

“Working from home can be very isolating and sometimes demoralising. For us at Resolve we may be talking to people but it is usually about computer problems which can be a bit wearing if you are alone. It is so important to boost your teams morale, especially during lockdown. To have a connection and for someone to be thinking of you and demonstrating that, can mean a lot.

So I decided to send my team a branded gift that would be useful and remind them that they are valued. Getting something from the boss through the post is a really nice surprise and can be a distraction from a full day indoors. As well as a branded flask, I have sent packs of sweets and a thank you card. It’s the thought that counts.”

2. Why choose a branded flask in particular?

    Branded flask at a computer

“With us being at our computers every single day and drinking our own tea or coffee, a flask is a really useful item.  Having a flask with the company branding on as well as their own name will be a constant reminder that they are valued throughout the day. It will also help to feel a bit more in “work mode” whilst at their home desk”.

3. Any reason for the type of branded flask? Design/features/colours available/pricing

“I liked the fact that the branded flasks could be personalised with each individual’s name on. It felt like a nice touch. I also chose this particular design as it was on brand in orange, in stock and could be delivered to each person’s address.”

4. How did your team react

“The reaction was great, they loved them! One team member said: ‘Receiving surprise presents in the post really makes lockdown more exciting. Motivation can be hard when your on your own all the time, so a gift in the post lets you know your manager appreciates you and gives you that boost that you need.'”

Read more from Andrew on ways he has boosted his staff morale whilst working from home here.

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