A creative, well thought out branded gift will surprise and delight your clients or colleagues. It will make your company and message stand out and help to build strong working relationships. Who doesn’t like a free and useful gift after all?!

Stand Out With Branded Gifts

Whether you have had to adapt to remote working, reduced your work force or had to change the nature of your work, it has been a challenging time for many businesses of late. With meetings, events and exhibitions being postponed or cancelled, you may have focused your marketing time and resource towards digital tactics.  Don’t get us wrong, being online has been an absolute life saver during lockdown, but with so many using digital channels, could there now be a technology back lash? Not being able to communicate face to face for so long – surely that will create an impetus to connect and engage with others in person or on a more emotional, personal level?

Such a momentous life changing event has helped to put into perspective what really matters. We appreciate each other that little bit more, we have tried to lift each other’s spirits and perhaps going forward we won’t take everything we have for granted. This refreshed view on life will surely be reflected in the way we carry out our business and communicate marketing messages?

It could affect the way we work in the future, with working from home being the new norm. This in turn could change the way we get our message out to individuals in multiple locations and makes being connected with one another more important than ever.

So, with a more human, personal touch needed to keep our clients and colleagues connected, now is the time to re-energise your traditional marketing methods.  It is the perfect time to get creative with your marketing and stand out from the digital crowd.

One marketing tactic that will do this, is with branded gifts. There are many ways to incorporate branded business items into your marketing strategy.  Make it the focus of a direct mail campaign to surprise, reward or simply make your clients smile. You could run a competition or quiz with branded prizes or even combine it with a digital campaign. Once lockdown eases further, give a promotional product in person at meetings, events or exhibitions.

Here are 5 useful tips to stand out with branded gifts:

1. Think of an idea which reflects your company culture and brand image.

This will make the gift more genuine and will engage on a deeper level. For example a car dealership wanting to portray quality may look to gift an executive pen or branded umbrella.

2. Make the gift useful.

A branded gift that is useful and won’t just be binned is always going to provide a more successful return on investment. So make sure you put some time aside to source a creative branded gift that is tailored for your target market’s needs.

3. Engage with entertainment.

Quizzes and games have become widespread during the pandemic to try to keep morale high. Why not carry on this theme but bring in personalised prizes that will be kept long after the entertainment is over.

4. Be relevant.

A business gift that considers trends and current habits is a good way to encourage engagement. For example, branded reusable drinkware to keep hydrated or a recycled bag for life to reduce disposable bags going to landfill.

5. Personalise it.

There are many business gifts that can be branded with individual names. Receiving a gift with your name on is likely to help to make an emotional association with the sender.

If you need any more tips to help you stand out with branded gifts check out our blog featuring out ten top tips on choosing and sourcing branded gifts here.

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