The utilisation of promotional products is becoming a more focused method of marketing for astute businesses. For many consumers, the novelty of a free key ring has become more of a talking point in jest than of its usefulness. Although these can still be an effective marketing tool if you use more creative promotional products. Something most marketing managers will not like to think about is their promotional products being wasted, so think outside the box and make the most of your marketing campaign.

The limitless effect of promotional products is known to everybody. How often do you lay your eyes on a branded item that diverts your attention to its intentions? Perhaps one of the cleverest ways to target potential customers would be to think about the situation they will be in when they see or use your creative promotional product. This is where being inventive is key. Think of the millions of pounds spent by huge companies advertising on television during high profile programs. They target viewers assuming their attention is focused purely on what is on the screen; do you think this is true? Instead of hoping in the age of Sky+ that people’s attention does not drift off, what would be a more successful and cost effective method to alert people to your brand?

The three main aspects of upholding creative promotional products are;

  • Know your audience. It may save you money buy purchasing promotional products in bulk, but if you choose smaller groups of items to target different audiences, it will be much more effective. If a company’s sales are for example, split between business clients and end user consumers, then branded office equipment will be more useful to the business sales. A stay at home mum might not have as much use for a branded stapler, so you might want to consider what she is more likely to need. There is some scope for cross marketing the same product, however, for example sticky notes could be useful to an array of markets. Sending the same promotional items to different markets can be tailored in their delivery, think about how best to give away different items to different audiences.

  • Add a voice to your brand. A tag line added to your promotional product can provide reasoning as to why the customer has received this item. An estate agency could use a USB memory stick as a creative promotional product branding the tagline ´need some more room?´next to their logo.

  • Plan for everything. For an idea to jump out at you, you should consider every promotional gift that is available for you to use. You are unlikely to be aware of all the creative promotional products that are out there. At SteeI City Marketing, we pride ourselves in being able to source everything from the weird to the wonderful, so challenge us today! try to think of a marketing concept for your campaign first, and we will find something to suit.

An important thing to think about is whether consumers will be more attentive to your marketing campaign if you offer something which grabs their attention. Think early morning cups of coffee. This is where you can be creative with your promotional products and leave branded keyrings trailing behind you. A holiday villa rental company could target their UK based customers with sending them a free mug printed with “Tired of feeling like this? Book a villa…” Now that would give people something to think about when they sip their cup of coffee before work. Think what would get you talking and contact us today for a completely creative promotional product.